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Many people are looking for an opportunity to set them free from working a full-time job, including me. Having to wake up at 7 in the morning and having to hurry because I’m going to be late to work is a real pain in the neck. After all, I am a free spirited person who needs time for herself. For that reason, I set out to become my own boss in the future. However, due to certain situations, I need to stay a full-time employee just like everyone else. Why? There is one thing that solely becomes our biggest hindrance to achieve our goal. It is called fear. Fear is actually something abstract with a big impact – the bad one. Fear is what makes us hold back. Since I have been working at an agency that provides website design, website development and SEO services intended for businesses out there, I understand one thing about my clients when it comes to having a business. Sure, they get all the glory of being their own boss. However, risks and consequences are inevitable sometimes and there will be times when they are down and short on budget. Therefore, it is understandable if we all have the fear of risking everything. However, each person is different in characters and personalities. There are those people who are willing to take risks and follow their dreams even though they are afraid of failures and there are also people who are afraid so they never try. And there are fears that can differentiate business people who are willing to take risks from those who never try. What are those fears? Keep reading this article to learn more.

There are basically 5 fears that can hold people back from reaching their dreams:

  • Fear of inconsistent income
  • Fear that there will be debts if there is not enough cash to invest
  • Fear of making less money than they were making money in their regular job
  • Fear of business failures or lack of business plan
  • Fear that the business is not interesting enough to sell

Yes, it is understandable and logical when we think about these fears. I for one have the fear of making less money than I already am. Having a business is risky and not going to be easy. Only those who are willing to take risks and consequences deserve the chance to be a successful business owner. Those who are willing to take risks to become a successful entrepreneur or business owner have overcome the fears I have described above. They have taken several measurements to reassure themselves that it’s going to be okay. Those who never try, however, are stuck with the decision whether they should keep going or not. They never decide eventually, they are just letting things go with the flow. They believe that things just happen. Well, while it’s true that there are things that we should just let it flow, when it comes to reaching our dream, it’s a whole different story. A business should come with plans and strategies. We can’t just wait and let things happen on their own. If you want to succeed, there are things you need to sacrifice and take risks. Everyone always has a start and they start it from zero. If it was going to be easy, then the majority of people could be like Bill Gates, don’t you think?

Fear becomes our biggest obstacle when it comes to reaching our goals. Therefore, the first thing you should do to overcome that is by addressing your fear. Acknowledge the fear you have and find solutions for your fear. That way, you will gradually feel a little less scared than before.