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It is understandable that business owners need to cut corners. It is an undeniable fact that budget is the most important aspect when it comes to business. When managing a business, you have to deal with many things, including paying your employees, paying for tools, phone bills, electricity, and equipment in your office, as well as paying for a third-party company that is helping you grow your business. Who is this third-party company? They are someone who helps you shape your business brand appearance; they are web designers and web developers. Yes, if you have a business, you should have a website to help you increase the chance of online visibility. For that reason, many business owners hire web design and web development services to design, create and build their business website. As someone who works at a creative agency providing web design, web development and SEO services, I often received inquiries about web design from people who think web design is so expensive. I know for a fact that the cost can indeed be very expensive. However, since I have been working at a company that provides all website services and its important components that are related to each other, I know that the expensive cost is nothing compared with the ROI (Return on Investment) you will get later. That being said, there are still many business owners who choose more affordable and even cheap web design to cut corners on their budget. I can’t 100% blame them for choosing that path, but in this article, let me tell you why it is a bad decision any business person can make. Keep reading to find out.

Bad design means bad brand

A website can either make or break your brand. Why? That’s because a website is a place where you give the first impression of your brand to your visitors. Let’s make it simple, a design is the makeup you wear for your first date, a development is the way you behave, walk and even talk on your first date, and a website is the clothes you wear on your first date and SEO is the process and progress on your date that will determine the success rate of your date that will impact the future of your relationship with your date. If your website is badly or poorly designed, your potential customers will choose to buy from your competitors. It’s harsh but it’s true.

Good design builds credibility and reliability

When you are looking for a nice place to have dinner, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? What is it that you are looking for in a restaurant? Well, if I were to find a restaurant, first I would open Zomato and look for nearby restaurants. After that, I would read the ratings and reviews and then reconsider. If that restaurant has clean atmosphere, good impression of ambience and services, as well as good reputation based on the reviews, then I would choose that restaurant. Good design on your website reflects your business character and professionalism. What do you think about a website that is cheap looking and full of spams and ads? Would you even come again?

Good design is good for SEO

Many people complained about web design being expensive, but good web design can actually work wonders for your business. If your website is designed to be responsive and SEO friendly, chances are, Google will give your website more values. Simply put, good design can increase the chance of you getting ranked well instead of just using cheap or even free web design that gives you no values.

Starting up a small business is tough and you have to be very strict with your budget, but you have to know that there are more people willing to pay for the sake of ROI. Even though with little budget you can easily create your own website, there is no guarantee that it will grant you an ROI, which eventually you will have to pay twice for something useless. Therefore, if you ever consider cutting your budget, think again wisely. There are still many aspects worth the budget cutting, but not web design. If you need more information about design, feel free to contact us and let our team help you.