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Numbers are just numbers. Maybe you have heard that sentence, or maybe you are more familiar with the saying; “when it comes to love, age is just a number,” or “the quantity of age doesn’t define someone’s maturity.” Personally, I agree with those sayings. Numbers are just numbers. In the world of business, it doesn’t matter how many branches you have for your restaurant businesses or if you only have one restaurant business, if your business is going well, your business is on the right path. But then I found much crazier fact while researching business insight; the fact that there is this entrepreneur who is successfully running four businesses with only five employees – big businesses at that. Her name is Tina Roth Eisenberg, she is a Swiss-born designer also known as Swiss Miss, and she runs four businesses with just five employees. As someone who works at an agency that provides SEO services for businesses, this got me thinking about you. In this article, maybe you will be inspired by how she grows her businesses with just five employees. Just like the saying goes, “Numbers are just numbers.”

Never complain; either fix it or let it go

Eisenberg said that her four businesses were created out of something that irritated her so much that she just had to fix it. For example, Tattly, one of the businesses she has been running that provides temporary tattoos were founded because she hated her daughter’s temporary tattoos that, according to her, were offensive to her Swiss design sensibilities. Thus, she built temporary tattoo business so that she could provide better tattoos. Another example is her TeuxDeux app, this to-do app was made because she was frustrated with other more complicated to-do apps that she previously used. The point from the examples I have described to you is that when you don’t like something, either you fix it or you let it go. Complaining is not going to help you anyway. This proves that even with just five employees, Eisenberg can run her businesses more smoothly because she has that mindset to fix everything instead of complaining.

Kindness is free but it always pays off in the end

Eisenberg has this good habit of finding cool stuff on the internet and sharing it with everyone for free. She highlights other people’s cool creations without asking for anything back. Also, her CreativeMornings events are free. Her TeuxDeux app is also free. Then years later, she got Tate Modern to collaborate with her when she got a phone call from Tate Modern. From that alone, she learned that kindness may get her nothing and cost nothing, but it will pay off later. She believes that the generosity model pays off in some way. Not always in money, but in connections and opportunities.

Be consistent

According to Eisenberg, there is nothing worse than the half-hearted yes. She believes that yes means yes and if you say yes then you have to be consistent in keeping that “yes.” When a business is built with consistency, strong dedication and determination, you are likely to succeed because you are consistent in what you do and you will do your best to keep it up. Therefore, yes is yes and yes, your business will succeed.

That’s how she gets her four businesses running with just five employees. No matter how big or small your business is, the only thing that matters is how you view your business and act on your missions and plans. Being consistent is also the important part of positive outlooks. You can make something big if you think big. You can also turn ordinary things into extraordinary if you put extra effort.