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A healthy lifestyle is almost everyone’s dream. Not only will it lead you to nurturing health, it will also shape your personality, but simply put, when you have a healthy lifestyle, everything else will follow. I saw my friend from the web design team who is really clean when it comes to almost everything in her life. Clean, healthy and glowing skin? Check. Neat and properly organised desk? Check. Healthy and always eat homemade clean food? Check. Good work and always full of ideas? Of course, check. Getting curious, I asked her for some tips. She simply replied, “My healthy lifestyle.” And I asked her to elaborate her idea of healthy lifestyle. She said, “Meditation. It helps me concentrate and focus on working.” I’d admit there, I was confused by what she said, so I asked again; “Your work requires extendable creativity and the ability to grasp ideas and shape them into a design work, why would you only focus on working?” And then she answered my final question with a final answer that finally made me understand; “When you meditate, your energy is well balanced, your mind, calm and your brain is ready to accept and process more information. When you are well-balanced in terms of mind, body and soul, you can focus and concentrate more on your work and when you do, everything else will flow.” So after that meaningful conversation I had with my friend, I tried to indulge myself with meditation and a cup of chocolate drink – I make time for myself and it works! I am more focused but I can awaken my true self and therefore be more resourceful and filled with ideas. Now with this story, I’m going to share with you how meditation is good for you, especially if you are a business owner.

Meditation enhances cognition

According to Consciousness and Cognition, brief meditation training can improve cognition, as it demonstrates higher measures of mood, better verbal and non-verbal reasoning as well as the enhanced ability to process information transmitted to the brain. As a business owner, you have to be able to think and process information to your brain quickly to handle problem in your business and meditation can increase your focus and ability to think and formulate ideas and solutions in a more effective way.

It improves your quality of sleep and energy

We often lack some sleep and we get tired easily as our energy is drained fast due to stress or exhaustion from work. As a business owner, you have to get quality sleep and maintain stable and high energy. With meditation, you will improve the quality of your sleep and energy at the same time. Why? That’s because when you get a consistent sleep cycle, your circadian rhythms are regulated smoothly and that will increase your energy levels. If you do this consistently for 8 weeks, you will soon get used to it and success will be on the way to your life. Well, a successful business owner is the one that sleeps well, right?

Meditation improves positive mind

Integrative body-mind meditative training can give good impacts on your mental health. Meditation is basically connecting your body and mind and training your mind to stay calm and positive all the time. A business owner needs emotional stability and the power to stay positive. Developing a meditation practice will help you decrease stress hormone cortisol and help you get over with anxiety, anger and depression because your mind is aware of your own emotions and you are trained to think positively.

Sometimes we are not always at the top when it comes to having a business. There are times when we are not in our best situation. There are times when we can lose and fail. Simply put, there will be ups and downs in a business. However, it is not about how much money we have in our business, but it is about our determination to overcome every hurdle in our journey to success. That determination is “equipped” with patience, willingness to try, positive mind and the ability to find opportunity in every situation – good or bad. One thing for sure, if you feel like your tasks are heavy or when things don’t go your way; do not, I repeat, do not give up. Hopefully, meditation will help you find your strength to run your business.