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It is not a secret anymore that a website is compulsory for any kind of businesses. Many business owners hire web developers to build their website; however, not many know the real quality a web developer should have in order to execute good web development skills. Why? That’s because building a website through web development is not an easy matter. It requires a great deal of concentration and focus to deliver a satisfying job in web development. Are you a business owner looking to hire a web developer for your business website? I’m going to share the proper quality assessment that you should apply when you are interviewing the candidates. Keep reading to find out!

What to look for in a web developer?

Before you test your candidates, first thing first, you need to know what kind of the quality you are looking for in a web developer.

Problem solving skills. Websites tend to have problems and it’s inevitable. Therefore, the ability to troubleshoot and solve problems is one of the important skills a web developer should have. Instead of looking at their data, you should test their capability in handling and solving problems.

The willingness for flexibility. Everything changes as time goes by. A website is not a good website if it is getting old without attention. A good website requires changes as time goes by and web developers should always be ready to change it. For that reason, sometimes web developers are needed at most unexpected time and even on the weekends. A good web developer knows this consequence of being a web developer and therefore should always be prepared and ready as well as flexible with time.

Great focus and concentration. A good web developer should not be easily distracted. They need a great deal of focus and concentration. Therefore, a good web developer would recommend you placing them in a different room specialised for developers with quiet environment.

A team-man. Yes, this is one of the important requirements everyone in web development should have. If you can’t work with your team, you can’t be a web developer. Why? That’s because working on web development requires great teamwork and if your candidates can’t communicate well with their teammates, sooner or later this will affect your business.

Skills and qualifications in web development

Another note you should test your candidates is their capability of working and understanding the basics. Those are:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Programming Language
  • Good SEO and mobile support knowledge and skills
  • Good understanding of web design basics
  • Project management skills

One thing you should know for sure when you are hiring a web developer is that their value in their work. Many people may be qualified when it comes to their skills and knowledge, but not many can value their work. Not many can value teamwork and work ethics. It is not about how great their skills are at web developing, but it is about personality and passion. Even if they are a savage web developer, but they have no passion and can’t communicate well with their friends, it is, in the end, useless and so is the other way around. Everything is about balance. If their personality matches their hard work and skills, maybe they are the right one for you.