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In the business world, you can never be separated from creativity, especially if you are a business owner. Business owners are required to be creative in order to grow their business. With so many trends keep coming as years go by, business owners have to keep up with changes and new stuff that are sometimes beyond our imagination. For that reason alone, creativity is a must. Setting aside being a business owner, even almost every aspect needs creativity. My co-workers in the web design team are always constantly brainstorming for new ideas. However, creativity is not always about creations. It is also about problem solving. Did you ever try to fix tangled cables? Did you know that the way you are finding ideas to fix it is based on creativity? Yes, in the business life, creativity is also needed to solve problems. So, how to be creative to improve your problem solving skills? Keep reading this article to find out!

Change your mindset

Most of us might be irritated by problems. We consider a problem as a burden and tend to avoid it. Yes, I won’t blame you for that. Sometimes I feel the same too. It’s only natural for us to avoid risks and problems and it is okay to prevent them from happening. However, problems are inevitable sometimes and when that happens, it is our duty to fix it. But first, change your mindset. Think of it as a challenge, but be excited to solve it.

Train your hands

When you are looking for ideas, you have to use your brain. However, training your brain only is not enough. You have to train your hands too. Playing chess, Sudoku or solving a Rubik’s cube can also help you train both your brain and hands as well as boost your ability to solve problems.

Take time to clear your mind

You might think that the more you think, the more you will achieve ideas to solve problems. That may be partially true, but if you keep pushing your brain too hard, you might end up losing your mind and making the wrong decisions instead. Clear your mind and take your time. While you may not immediately gain instant ideas, once you free your mind from worries and insecurities while cooling your head, you may find the best idea that is well-thought out and well-devised. Instead of focusing on many random ideas all at once, it is better for you to devise a plan with the best idea you can get.

Being creative and generating ideas are not that easy, but if you are focused on great things, you will find better solutions instead – quality over quantity, remember?  Devising a good habit is also a good step to maintaining and boosting your creativity and problem solving skills. Successful people are well-known for their good habits that can get them the success they have achieved today. It’s not easy and the struggle is real, but if you are committed to what you are doing, whatever the stage you are on right now, then you are still on the right path.