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No matter what we do, the future will not always stay the same. There will be times when what you are seeing today will be gone the next time. As time goes by, not only do things change, we also have to adjust to those changes. Sometimes when I think about it, I’m glad that I am considered as one of the millennials. I got to see the evolution of creations as time goes by and it is more interesting that way. It’s too bad that my future children and the next generation won’t get to see the amazing changes people in the world have made. That being said, that doesn’t mean the changes being made now is a bad thing for the future. In facts, it brings more opportunity for business owners or business leaders out there to inspire, design and create for the next generation a.k.a Generation Z or Gen Z. Designs, in many forms, such as interior and exterior design, web design, or anything that requires design, may change with time, but the purpose is always the same; to make it easier and more productive for anyone especially the Gen Z to use. If you are a business owner, whatever business you have, new ideas and innovations are needed in your business. However, those new ideas and innovations should be adjusted to the new trends and what they need in a world full of new trends. So, who is this Gen Z? In short, Gen Z is anyone born after 1997. These people are born in the middle of new innovation and invention. It is important for business people to learn about Gen Z’s traits and tendencies. So, how do you design for the Gen Z? Keep reading to find out!

Gen Z traits and tendencies

Before we design for them, first of all, we should know the traits and tendencies that shape the Gen Z:

They are tech savvy. Digital world is basically their “cup of coffee”. The sight of young girls and boys using their iPad or modern mobile phone in public or during friends and family reunion is not an uncommon sight anymore. They literally know what 50-year old people don’t. In terms of knowledge, they may be ahead of even their parents, though their parents win hands down in terms of experience.

Most of them (but not all) are unstable. Having grown up in a more modern life, they have witnessed cyberbullying, school shootings, and many other unprecedented events. This has caused them to feel wary and anxious.

They are aware of social media. Back when Facebook first started to become popular among my generation, the only ones who used Facebook were high school students (me included) and older than that. The use of social media by children younger than senior high school students was strictly monitored by their parents. Aside from that, people seemed to follow this Facebook rule which strictly prohibits users under 13. Nowadays, however, regardless of the rules made by social media platforms about age restriction, many children below 13 have started using social media for personal use without any surveillance.

Design and connect with the Gen Z

In order to design for them, you need to:

Create a cohesive visual identity. As Gen Z people are unstable sometimes, you need to add stability, comfort and familiarity to the design. Visual identity is the right choice to provide those elements, because it can reflect your brand and make your product more consistent. If you show consistency to them, they will be consistent when it comes to choosing your products.

Add “colours” to the form but make the function more useful. When we are talking about “colours” when it comes to making the form of products, it could mean anything. It can be the colours as in black, pink, yellow, etc. or it can be “colours” that make the form unique. A perfectly-shaped product is the combination of variety and a set of colours in it. However, make sure you also think about its function. Most of Gen Z people are easily attracted by first looks but immediately regret their purchase after knowing the real function of the product they have bought. Make sure you make your product easily usable, can serve many purposes and be well-functioned before designing the looks.

Be clear about your product. Well, this is relatable to me, actually. I have seen so many products that may be useful but I don’t even know what to do with it and how to use it because it doesn’t make sense. Moreover, there are also many products that are difficult to use. Gen Z people have the tendency to want things to be easier for them. The easier your product to understand, the greater their desire can be to buy your products.

Design is endless. It will never be enough to design with only one idea. If you are a business owner, you should explore every ideas and possibilities you’ve got, so that you will never get left behind in the world of business.