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I’m not sure I remember, but around 2016, Instagram made a change to its logo design – a big one at that. You might remember the first logo they used to use; the retro brown and cream camera with a rainbow stripe that harked back to the iconic Polaroid cameras. After 2016, now it is a new purple, orange and pink icon, as well as a redesigned black and white menus and background entirely. It is said that they want to reflect the “vibrant and diverse” community of users who use the application day after day. When asked the question as to why they changed the logo, they said that Instagram always knows that colour has always been the important part of their “brand”; it is part of the classic icon of the application, filters, and photos and videos of the community. When they start to reimagine the rainbow look more minimalist options. As a final touch, they needed more warmth and energy to complete the design. From this example, simply put, every brand and every business needs redesign and new look, whether it is in a form of store design, web design, interior design or many more, especially logo design. Why? That’s because your logo represents your business. It differentiates your business from another business in the same industry. The logo is the thing that people can recognise about you without you having to explain or tell them the name of your business. So, are you a business owner? Are you thinking of changing your brand logo? Well, if you are, then this article is the right place for you! Know the signs that it’s time for you to change your business logo by reading this article. Keep reading to find out!

Your logo is old

Even though your company has been in the business for so long and you love your logo the way it is, over time, with the constantly changing and improving technology and trends, you might find your logo no longer appealing or as relevant as you once thought. An outdated logo is often easy to spot and nowadays, people can know if a logo doesn’t serve a purpose for a company anymore even though they are not a pro in design. You might find one or two design elements that are not in style anymore. Although your logo is iconic enough, design standards will change with time and you are required to adjust to the design trends, standards and norms.

Know if your logo can be identified immediately

You might be familiar with big brands like Coca Cola, Pepsi, and McDonald’s that even when you only see the symbol of their logo without having to read the text, you already know their name just by looking at the symbol. Companies like those have long histories that make their logo identifiable. The more identifiable the logo, the more cautious you have to be in redesigning it. Therefore, if you want to redesign your logo, make sure you don’t overdo the logo that can make you lose your brand’s original power and meaning. I don’t know if you notice this on Google or not, but Google always updates its logo time after time and always adjusts to the trends without erasing their original face.

Google logo design

Image Credit: Digiperform; Google


Your company is growing

It is understandable that when you were just starting out your business, you were at the phase of developing your company and logo design was not originally your first priority, not to mention its quality. When you are sure your company is growing and in the right place, you know it’s time to improve your brand logo’s quality. However, just like I have previously mentioned, don’t overdo the look. You still have to keep the originality or the authenticity of your brand’s symbol and colour.

That, my friend, is how you know if it is the right time to change your brand’s look. One thing for sure though, changing the look doesn’t mean changing your identity. It simply means improving the quality of the look as well as reimagining a better version of your brand without changing your vision and values. Are you a business owner looking to improve and redesign your brand logo? Contact us now and let our design team redesign your brand logo.