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Have you ever seen a painting and think “this is the work of art”? Have you ever seen a house with well-designed interior and think “this is the work of high quality design”? Maybe you have seen many works of arts like paintings, crafts, carvings, drawing, etc. and works of designs like interior design, exterior design, web design, etc., but did you ever think why they are in separate categories? Yes, art and design are different. At a glimpse, they may have similarities, but they are different. It is very subtle, but they are different. So, what is the difference, then? Keep reading this article to find out!

Before we discuss about the difference, first let’s see why we even need to know the difference between the two. Knowing the difference between art and design is important to grasp their roles in creations. Without an expandable grasp of the difference, an artist or a designer can’t really produce the right creations. To understand better about their difference, we need to see from different perspective. Now let’s get started!

From the creator’s perspective

Believe it or not, an artist and a designer can be differentiated by the way they are creating a work. Artists are often gifted. Even though they may have been taught drawing, painting or sculpting since they were young, natural gifts are the most important part that has bigger impacts for them. On the other hand, design is a skill that can be taught, learned and improved. Anyone can learn design from a starting level – the beginner’s level. You can be a great designer without having to be a great artist. Simply put, a designer is more focused on problem solving design – a design that is not only good to look at, but also a design that can make things easier for the users. An artist is more focused on a priceless beauty of an art – an art that is not only good to look at, but also has meanings that can be interpreted and felt by connoisseurs or admirers.

From the creation’s perspective

When an artist is working on their art work, they don’t need to consider things or situations. They just create it based on what they feel and share it so that the people who see it will feel it too. A designer, on the other hand, designs things based on the situations and what they will gain from that design. Also, a designer should know the result their creation brings for those who use the creation. Is it useful? Is it solving the users’ problems? Is it beneficial?

Aside from that, we can see from the purpose of the creation as well. A good art work can evoke strong emotions and connections between the artist and the audience, while a good design work should be able to encourage people into buying a product, receiving a service, visiting a place or gaining some information. How? It is by inventing things or integrating existing things that can be useful for people.

From the audience perspective

Another way to perceive the difference between an art and a design is by looking from the audience perspective – how they explain the content of the work. An artist expresses their feelings through their art works; however, there will be many interpretations made by their audience. An artist may have their own ideas and feelings attached in a single painting, but people have different perception on it. A designer, on the other hand, has one goal in mind when it comes to producing a creation; the impact it brings for the users. The basic intention of a design work is to motivate and encourage audience to do certain things that can benefit both parties – the producers and the users.

Design vs Art

In the shortest explanation, here is what you can understand from the difference between the two:

  • Design is about solving a problem where it can be useful for the users. Art, however, is about raising a question and interpreting it in different ways by the audience.
  • Design is a concluded work with a clear goal. Art is an open debate where its meanings can be interpreted differently.
  • Design is about being an actor and following a script. Art is writing and interpreting your own story.
  • Design is the mind looking for creative solutions. Art is the voice of the soul.
  • Design needs a collective acceptance where the acceptance has the big impacts on the creation’s results. Art only needs an inner approval where all the feelings are conveyed in a single work for the audience to feel.
  • Design is an act of empathy. Art is an act of freedom.

The bottom line from this article is that although both are different, it is still important for you to understand both in order to produce better creations in the future. By the ample understanding of an art, you will appreciate your design work and be encouraged to invent more helpful things in the future. At the same time, by the fair knowledge of a design, you will be more inspired to learn more new things to improve in the future. That’s why knowing the difference between an art and a design is important for everyone in this world. Look closely and pay attention well to details and you will see things more clearly and more effectively. If you want to see our vision for your success, do not hesitate to contact us now and let our awesome team help you.