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What comes into your mind when you hear the phrase “design thinking”? Are you thinking about interior design? Are you thinking about fashion design? Or are you thinking about web design? Being creative sometimes doesn’t always have something to do with design. Sometimes it is more about problem solving. You could be packing your clothes and things and putting them inside your suitcase but they all didn’t fit, so you tried to find a way to make all your stuff fit into the whole suitcase. Somehow you ended up with the idea to make it fit by folding your clothes to the side. That, my friend, is born from creativity – to solve a problem. A business owner sometimes has a clash between their analytical thinking and design thinking because they are required to think rationally and realistically while having to be creative at the same time. Are you a business owner with the same problem? Then, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out!

Sometimes it might be hard for you to stay focused on being a business owner and thinking like a designer, but guess what? You can do both! You can think like a designer and act like a business owner at the same time. When you can do both, you can be more creative with your business. Let me tell you how.

Before we start, I will tell you something; creativity doesn’t always have to come naturally. You can boost creativity anytime to solve problem.

Share and understand

When a business owner encounters a problem, they need to understand first the problem they are trying to solve. In other words, you need to care about it first and immerse yourself in the process before solving the problem. Don’t look at the problem externally. Understand it deeply and know the challenges and what it is like to feel the outcomes.

Look from the other perspective

When you are creating a product, you don’t feel only from your own perspective; you feel and see from your end-user perspective. Pay attention to details from their perspective. You don’t think about what you are going to say and feel about your products. You think from your end-user perspective. What would they think about this product? Will they like it? What would they gain from using this product? What is the benefit of this product? Is there any problem with this product? When you are seeing from your user perspective, you will get a better understanding of your product and how it is supposed to be.

Create ideas

Before creating real ideas, you should explore possibilities and let your creativity fly like the wind. Think outside the box and look for possibilities and opportunities. You can try brainstorming or sketching ideas by writing it on paper. You need freethinking and creativity in order to solve problems in interesting ways; therefore, make sure when you are at the stage of ideation, you are feeling relaxed and peaceful. Try fresh drinks and relax in a place with aromatherapy, or you can soak yourself in a deep soaking bath with lavender, rose or green tea scent. Try not to drink too much coffee, though.

Test and deliver

After creating several simple versions of your ideas, you can start testing them to people outside so that you can see the progress and find possibilities, as the people being tested can give feedbacks on your product. From the feedbacks, you can generate more ideas and see how it will work again so you can figure out if the upgraded solutions are better or not. After a finished product is made, you can deliver it. But it won’t stop there, because from there, you may discover new ideas that you didn’t get to see before.

Being a business owner means being creative while being reasonable at the same time. You need to be creative, but you have to analyse the market too. Divide your ideas into several parts. See the percentage of achievement for each idea. How long does it take for you to achieve the ideas that are turned into goals? Can you achieve the goals? What is the success rate for it? That way, you can formulate better ideas to make it happen. Would you prefer to make it happen with us, then? Do not hesitate to contact us and let our awesome team help you with your business!