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Having an online store website is something you can’t ignore, even for the smallest details, because user experience in web design is very important. However, as a customer, I have experienced many troubles when browsing an online store website and this makes me doubtful in buying from that store. The troubles I went when browsing an online store website include:

  • The site was difficult to access or use
  • It was hard to see the products available
  • There was no clear information about the products
  • The products were displayed in automatically advancing carousels that made it difficult to decide what I wanted because I can’t remember the products well

It was during that shopping time that made me realise how important building a good website is. As someone who works in the digital marketing world, I am very well aware that it is not always about marketing, but it is also about performance. Therefore, if you are a business owner selling your stuff online, you should know the steps you have to make in order to have good quality online store website so that your customers will feel welcome. Keep reading to find out how!

Use navigation that is simple and obvious

I know you may want to have your website designed in a way that is too creative and fun, but too much is also not good. Instead, your online store website should have simple and obvious navigation that makes things easier for your customers to browse your website, starting from choosing your products, reading the information, even to checking out their shopping cart.

Create a search bar and add categories to easily find your products

When you sell many products, your customers may have a hard time finding your products, especially the specific products they want. If your products are placed on a random product page, chances are, your customers will not find what they want. That’s when search bar and categories take place. Search bar makes it easier for your customers to search for the specific items they want and find out whether your online store has it or not. Categories even make it so much easier to find more specific and detailed items they want based on its functions, brands and prices. For example, if you own a skincare product online store, you might need to categorise your products based on the function or focus, such as acne care focused products, anti-aging products, or whitening products. If you are a distributor for many skincare brands, you should categorise the brands as well.

Make the cart easy to access

When it comes to shopping carts, make sure you make the cart visible, so that your customers can easily find it when they want to check out or just to review what they really want to buy. Therefore, don’t hide the icon of the shopping cart. Make your customers feel safe when they are looking for stuff while knowing they can access their shopping cart anytime without having to worry the cart might disappear.

Social media icons belong in the footer section

Yes, you read that right. I know business owners want to increase their brand awareness through social media. However, putting social media icons in the header or in the sidebar might distract your customers from the stuff you are selling. Since your website is an online store providing direct products to sell already, it is better if your customers make a purchase instead of leaving your website to see your social media account. Let them find your website through social media, rather than from website to social media. Where are they going to purchase your products then?

Make your products displayed on one page

Sometimes each category has 50 products in it. However, instead of dividing the products into several pages, it is so much easier if you are displaying your products in one page, or give your customers the option to choose the number of products, such as 20/page or 50/page or all products on one page.

That’s how to make your customers feel welcome on your online store website. Having a website is not only about appearance, but also about performance. When your customers can easily access your website without trouble or difficulty, it will also increase your store’s credibility in terms of quality and service.