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Having known the importance of SEO in the business world makes business owners start hiring SEO specialists to do SEO services for them. However, despite knowing its importance, there are still things people in the business world are unaware of when it comes to SEO; the fact that just like almost everything in the world, there are also scams in SEO. Maybe you have seen a con artist in movies, where they replace the original painting in some expensive art gallery, with a fake painting. Well, it also happens in SEO – only it is already fake from the beginning. Are you a business owner looking to find more information about SEO? Or are you a business owner hiring an SEO specialist but didn’t get any significant result even after more than a year of their service? Well, if you think you might be hiring a scammer, read this article to find out!

In this article, we are going to tell you some evident warning signs that you might be hiring a con artist that is constantly robbing you of your money without getting better SEO results for your company. Here are the things they do that no professional SEO specialists would do:

They guarantee that your website will be ranked 1st on search engines

When an SEO specialist guarantees you 1st page result on search engines, chances are, you are not talking to a genuine SEO specialist; you are talking to a con artist. No one should guarantee first page result on search engines. SEO is not that simple. Even professional SEO specialists may have a hard time dealing with the fluctuation, algorithm updates and any trouble when it comes to SEO. Genuine SEO specialists may take time to optimise a website, but surely, when they are doing it right, results will soon follow.

They offer cheap SEO services, but will eventually rob you of your money in the long run

Maybe you are familiar with the saying “you reap what you sow” and maybe you should also be familiar with “you get what you pay for.” Let’s be honest, you may have bought many kinds of perfumes or lipsticks (if you are a woman), starting from the cheap ones to the most expensive ones, but you are very well aware of which one is long lasting and which one is… well, low in terms of quality. There is no cheap SEO service that can guarantee you the best result. You pay a low price, you get the low quality. However, this can also mean that…

They might attempt to extort you

Remember the offer they made for you about the cheap SEO services? Well, scammers usually offer an interesting price for low quality services, but then will rob you of your money in the long run. You might pay for a little amount of money, but soon you will have to pay more for their bad service – the service that will get you nowhere in your business.

They avoid answering your questions even get mad at you for asking

As they offer you a service, it is only natural for you to ask questions no matter how many. If they avoid answering your questions and even get irritated about it, then it is time for you to get suspicious. Don’t you notice? They are hiding things from you and only a con artist would do something like that. An SEO company is mostly considered as a B2B business which helps other businesses grow their business, which means transparency is needed. It does not necessarily mean that they have to expose about anything like their finance or something. They should be transparent when it comes to their methods in doing SEO as well as their rules and guidelines, and their portfolio, so that you will get clear depiction about their company as a whole.

They don’t care about your website

A true SEO specialist will first review your website, find out more about your business, and find a chance to boost your business. However, a con artist won’t bother with that. They are only interested in your money instead of doing their job. They will constantly talk about payment and price instead of your website even from the beginning of your meeting – and that is a clear sign of a con artist trying to rob you of your money.

…and ladies and gentlemen, that’s how you identify scam from a con artist disguised as an SEO specialist. If you are hiring one with similar signs as mentioned in this article, maybe it is time for you to call them off before you waste more money on them. If you are still looking for a better SEO specialist, maybe it is also time for you to contact us now and let our team help you with your business website.