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It is not an uncommon fact that every business needs a website, because when it comes to business, you don’t always find customers by offline marketing. In fact, it is even easier to reach people online and a website is the right tool for your business to be found by your potential customers. For that reason, many business owners hire web designers or web developer to build their website, starting from its web design, web development, and even to its content. Are you a business owner? Or are you working for a company? This article will help you get some insights on website ideas and tips from top web designers in the world. Are you ready? Keep reading to find out!

Make a website that is also mobile-friendly – Sara Desmond, Director of Operations, Page 1 Solutions, LLC

Sure, some people say that they are comfortable browsing a desktop website. However, many people now are browsing websites while they are on the go, which means, you should consider making your website mobile-friendly. Yes, if you have a desktop website, you should make an adjustment so that it can be accessible easily from any device and users won’t find it difficult to browse your website wherever they are.

Add a chat feature to make your website more interactive – Jillian Ilao, Review Editor, Fit Small Business

A chat feature enables you to engage and interact more with your customers. Adding this feature can also make your website more alive. Aside from that, it will also increase your business credibility so that people won’t easily think that your business is a scam. Keeping your relationships with your customers is a great start to grow a business.

Write a blog without trying to sell – Aileen Saldana, PR & Digital Marketing Strategist, XO Creatives

Sometimes your potential customers might need a little more convincing when trying to buy something. Make them be really sure to buy your products by showing them your products on your website blog. However, don’t try to be too evident in selling your product in your articles. How? For example, if you own a business that is selling a collection of skincare products. However, people have to read reviews about your products, what your products look like and what size they are. Sometimes looking at promotional photos is not enough. They need a real closure. Therefore, you can write about your reviews on your products, starting from describing the size, the texture, the consistency as well as showing the benefits of the products. You can also make a comparison with your other products as well. That way, you are not really selling on your blog, but more like sharing, which can increase your business credibility as a whole.

Include a high quality video to improve conversion – Mark Aselstine, Founder, Uncorked Ventures

Depending on the quality of its content, a video can be a tool for improving conversion. People are more stimulated by audio and visual content instead of just a plain text. However, make sure the video is SEO-friendly and made according to the adjustment of your website, so that it won’t take too long to load.

That’s the website ideas you can learn from top web designers. That being said, in order to really apply good ideas and solutions for your website, it is better for you to consult to a professional web designer or web developer. Have you got one? No? Then, do not hesitate to give us a call and tell us what you need to grow your business and let our team help you.