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What do you think about ideas? Do ideas matter in every situation? Well, I used to think that ideas are for creative people. The truth is; ideas can come to anyone and oftentimes become solutions for every situation. Not many people can realise their true potential in creating ideas. In fact, they do have the skill in them, but never use their potential because they think they are not capable of doing it. But speaking of the potential of being creative, creativity is actually everywhere – you just don’t realise it. Want a proof? Have you ever got your headphone cable twisted and tangled disorderly, but then you fixed it later? You might think that fixing twisted headphone cables is common and trivial, but have you ever thought that fixing it actually requires creativity? Just like when you play an escape game, you formulate a plan to escape without risks, right? What is the better way to solve a problem than being creative in solving it? Yes, in short, anything needs creativity. Even when you are fixing twisted and tangled cables, you are also using creativity to fix it faster and better.

The same thing applies to, and especially for, the world of business. The number of businesses has increased each year and of course each of them is getting more and more creative for their business. However, being creative in a business doesn’t always mean being creative in terms of business creation only. Being creative is also required in the process of building that business itself. One of the most important things used for establishing a business is SEO. Search Engine Optimisation, popularly known as SEO, is the technique used for increasing websites online visibility. If you start a small business in a certain industry, chances are, your potential customers will find it difficult to find you at first. However, when you use SEO, you may increase the chance of being found by your potential customers, although gradually, not instantly. For that reason, many business owners hire SEO specialists to do SEO services for them. That being said, even though you have already hired an SEO specialist to do SEO for your business, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no direct involvement in the process. In fact, getting involved with the SEO process together with your SEO specialist will make your SEO progress easier and more effective. The question is; how? There are many ways you can collaborate with your SEO specialist; however, one of the ways that business owners usually help their SEO specialist is through SEO writing. You may have a business, but the source of ideas of business itself is coming from you. Sometimes, you can hire an SEO copywriter to write for you, but in terms of taste and style, only you know what’s best for your business, because ideas are often expressed differently. Who is better in making ideas realised than the business owner itself? With that in mind, we have provided a simple SEO writing guide for you, business owners. Keep reading to find out!

Find the keyword phrases

Before you jump straight to the writing part, you should know that there are certain phrases you need to put in your writing. To attract the right visitors to your Web site, you need to use keyword phrases instead of just single keywords. Why? Put yourself in your potential buyers’ shoes. If you are trying to find an item you want to buy by searching on Google, you don’t just write the name of the item, but there are certain kinds of keyword phrases that can help you find the right item at the right place. For example, if you are selling shoes in Pluit, North Jakarta, which is a specific place, then you need a keyword phrase like this: “Shoes in Pluit” or “Shoes located in Pluit.” With more specific detail phrases like that, your business can improve the chance of being found by your potential customers. However, you also need to pay attention to these:

  1. How much competition is for that phrase
  2. How many searches are made for that phrase in a month

Take a note of the details above and determine which phrases fit your content and ideals. Once you came with the right phrase, you can start writing content that can strengthen the possibility of that phrase making your content be found in the search results.

Write for humans

This part may seem so obvious, but really, write for humans, not for the search machines. It is sad to know that there are so many SEO folks out there still fully focusing on “pleasing” search machines instead of “impressing” humans. I mean, search machines won’t buy your products. Eventually, only humans will buy your products. It is clearly different when you write for machines and for humans. When people read your content that is focused on search machines, chances are, they would think you are one of those scammers out there trying to deceive them. Send the right message to the right people and they will find the right thing they are looking for.

Avoid too much frequency of keywords

Adding keywords in content may be advisable, but too much of it is also not advisable. Littering your content with excessive uses of your phrase is called “keyword stuffing – and Google hates that. If Google hates that, your website (and your business) will be at stake and that is only from Google part. Humans can also assume things. When you put too many keywords, they would assume that you are not genuine.

That’s the simple SEO writing guide for you to remember! Just know that when you write for humans, you are, at the same time, sending them a message “proving” how reliable and trusted your company is – you are sending them your value and they will recognise your quality. Wait, what? You haven’t got an SEO specialist to do SEO for you? Don’t worry; you can contact us now and let our awesome SEO team guide you further in growing your business.