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“I want a website that looks so trendy and casual, and I want it done on Friday morning.”

“I want a website for my business, but it has to look catchy.”

“My website has to look professional!”

“I want a cheap website, so don’t bother going all out in designing it.”

Whoa… Hold your horses, fellas! You don’t want a bad ending for your business website, do you? Yes, I understand the pressure, having a business is not something to be underestimated. In this era, small business or not, you have to think about making a website to grow your business. It is true. A business without a website is like a car without its wheel. You know that as time goes by, there will always be new competitors in the same industry and that’s inevitable. For that reason, a website is needed to help people who might need your products or services, find you.

However, designing and building a website is also not that simple. There are things you need to consider in order to have a great web development and web design. Of course, if you hire a web designer and a web developer, you need to understand a few things before ordering them to build your website, so that you know what you have to do and what kind of design that will go and work well with your business.

If you want a cheaply-designed website, the result will be cheap too, you know what I mean

Sure there are cheap designs and simple websites out there that you can apply on your own website too. But trust me, it would give no significant results for your business – the results you want. Why? That’s because cheap designs won’t really work well with SEO. Also, it also applies to users’ perspective. A website that is too plain would generate a “mainstream idea” that the website is not trusted. They would think your website is abandoned and that your business is not working again. And should I mention that Google thinks the same too?

A user-friendly website is a must!

Ugh…why did I put this into the second part again? A must is a must! I know I should have put this important point into the first part, but still…Yeah, let’s just continue, shall we? A user-friendly website is the one that can be easily accessed without having to wait for it to load properly. Also, the design is acceptable to users’ eyes and of course, entertaining content is a plus! If you visit a website that has slow loading pages, you would immediately leave that website too, right? I would, too.

Something about navigation menu

This is also an important part…ugh I can’t seem to be certain which one is the most important – they are all important! Navigation menu is what users will look at because they are looking for your products or services. Many business websites use too many options in the navigation menu, causing it to be difficult for users to understand which directions they need to go in order for them to find the business’ products or services, or anything they would like to know about the business. Some websites even provide obscure navigation menu that is difficult to find. Let’s not make the same mistake for your website!

A choice of colour can define whether or not it will colour users’ day

Some businesses use the wrong colour choice that is not only irrelevant with their business, but also hurting the users’ eyes. If you own a horror stuff business, what would happen when you only used pink colour for the website? While it is okay to use pink for that, the selection of other colours is needed to combine the colours well so that it would still emit that horror aura. Make sure the colour is combined well and not hurting your audience’s eyes.

The users’ devices

People do not only browse the internet using PC only, nowadays. People are always on the go and mobile device is the right option to browse the internet. However, many business owners failed to prepare for that. Therefore, when people are visiting their website, the website is not responsive and it is not mobile-friendly, causing users to hardly find anything on that website. The right website designer would think about this first when you are consulting to them, but you have to know about this first, just in case.

That’s what you need to know before demanding anything from your web designer. It is important for business owners to know at least the first things about web design to make works easier for you and your web designers, as it would also be efficient in terms of time and energy. If you haven’t got a web designer yet, however, feel free to contact us and our awesome team will help you with your website needs.