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As the year goes by, you can’t deny the fact that things will be different and will change, all aimed to be better. In the business life, you have to keep improving so that your business will keep up with time. Why? That’s because trends keep coming and everything will be new. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to follow trends, we still have to keep up and come up with new ideas that can be adjusted to the trends and our business. That being said, it is not something new that SEO is important for business. With SEO, a business’ opportunity to be found online can increase. For that reason, many business owners hire SEO services to do SEO for their business. However, just like almost everything in the world, SEO has trends to keep up with as well. If you have a business looking to hire SEO specialists, in 2018 now on the way to 2019, you should be prepared first to predict what will be in trends in that year and what your business should do to prepare for the worst and the best. Want to know more? Keep reading this article to find out!

Social media influencer

You might know many names on social media, but you know they are not real celebrities, right? Yes, they are the social media influencers. While using them to promote your business is not considered as something new, social media influencers keep growing and more popular these days. Followed by more than hundreds of thousands of followers and even some have reached millions, social media influencers are often considered as more helpful than just seeing endorsements from the real public figures. Why? That’s because most of the social media influencers always offer more genuine reviews and opinions instead of being too much commercial. For that reason alone, you might need to consider using a social media influencer to test your products and give them a review on their social media.


We have seen a lot of brands trying to look really perfect in front of their audience. While that may be natural for us to present what’s good about us instead of what we did wrong, it is so wrong to be too prideful and conceal our mistakes. It is business, not pimples. For that reason, we can find so many apps out there offering their platforms to be used as a tool for communication between customers and sellers, especially restaurants, like Zomato app, for example. Zomato app allows restaurants to include their business in the app, enabling people to find their restaurants, especially those nearby. On the other hand, Zomato also lets people review the restaurants so that their complaints and reviews will be heard by the restaurants directly. This is the true form of transparency that you let people know about your business’ progress no matter how good or bad. Also, from transparency, people will know your genuine response in regards to their complaints and whether or not you are willing to change and improve. This also works for social media. Instead of removing comments that contain complaints from customers or even ignoring them, it is better for us to give a response and admit our mistakes as well as let them know how we regret that and how we are willing to improve our quality. After all, we all make mistakes. It is only natural for us to fix our mistakes and let people know that we are not perfect. Therefore, people will appreciate our genuine response and are still willing to trust us.

Mobile marketing

It is not uncommon anymore that people nowadays prefer to use their mobile device to connect to the world. Let’s take a look at these stats:

  • More than 1.2 billion people worldwide use mobile
  • Users spend an average of 2.8 hours on mobile daily compared to 2.4 hours on desktop
  • People use 80% of their social media time using mobile
  • 88% of users who search for a local business on mobile visit it within 24 hours
  • 89% of mobile usage is spent on apps

Well, no wonder even some beauty aesthetic clinics are now using an app for more engagement with their customers, considering that most of the time, their customers are absorbed into mobile device, then mobile marketing is the best choice to attract them on daily basis.

Snack ads

I know what you’re thinking. You may think this ad has something to do with snacks. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not what we are talking about. Snack ads are short videos that last less than 10 seconds long. Believe it or not, this kind of video may not last long when it comes to duration, but it keeps your viewers interested, long enough to be curious about your business. Nowadays, people need to-the-point explanations that attract their attention in just 2 seconds. However, videos longer than 10 seconds will eventually make them lose their initial enthusiasm. Yes, you can start considering a ten-second commercial video for your business’ 2019’s resolutions and plans.

That’s your insight for your 2019’s business plans and resolutions. Better work it out from now! If you start thinking about this from now on, it will be easier for you to execute the plan next year. Starting up a small business but don’t know how and where to start? Feel free to contact us and let our awesome team guide you and help you with that.