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No matter how small or how big your company is, you still need a website. Why? That’s because a website can help your potential customers find your business. Also, a website helps in differentiating one business from another in the same industry. Of course, one of the ways to differentiate your website from another company’s website is through its web design. Web design does not only beautify your website, but it also determines whether or not your visitors like your website. It does not necessarily mean liking it based on its outer design only, but it is about how comfortable they are when visiting your website. Is your website responsive? Is your website mobile-friendly? You’ve got to ask yourself these questions before launching your website. Why? Chances are, they will find reasons to hate your website. Some of you must be familiar with Netflix’s web television series 13 Reasons Why. Well, in this article, I will tell you 13 reasons why I’d leave your website if I were your potential customer. Keep reading to find out!

Your website takes too long to load, I’m leaving

It is not about the internet connection in my house that is troubled. I opened the other website and it worked just fine, but when I visited yours? I was stuck with the loading time. Normal websites take 1 to 3 seconds to load, but more than 1 minute? No, thanks. So, what causes slow loading time in a website? There are many things that may cause a website to take a long time to load, such as large-sized images, large-sized videos, etc.

I can’t handle your irresponsive website

Many and even most people browse while they are in the go, which means, they can access your website using any device aside from your regular PC. Therefore, your website has to be easily accessible via any device like mobile phone, iPad, etc. What does “easily accessible” or “responsive” mean actually? It means the size of the content of the website like pictures, videos, text, etc. has to be adjustable to any device. Imagine visiting a website using your mobile phone, but the size equals the size of a website accessed using your PC; annoying, right?

Poor navigation makes me confused

One of the plus points in a website is its easy navigation, which means people will indirectly be “directed” so that they know what to do and what to click on your website. For example, you are a website offering different variants of castile soaps. Of course, when visitors come to your website, they need to know all the variants of the castile soaps, which means, you have to put product menu in a place where they can easily see it. If you create complicated navigation menu, chances are, they won’t find what they are looking for.

Your website contains multimedia content that plays automatically…without my consent

Some people like surprise, some people don’t, but some people are just not in the right situation. Work place is one of the factors that make it “not in the right situation.” Imagine if you are working and you are sleepy and bored, so you want to visit a website that can at least entertain you for a minute just to stop the drowsiness, but then that website plays a loud sound that will startle everyone in the office, including you. So, if your website is like that, I want nothing to do with it.

Disruptive content that hinders me from reading your website content

Animations, videos that automatically play, blinking and flashing paid advertisements, as well as other interactive entertainment that are disruptive and covering your original website content will make people really annoyed…including me. If your website requires me to read your content carefully, how would I do that if those annoying content keep preventing me from reading it?

Your website is filled with generic or cheesy stock photography

Ever seen award winning photography websites? Yes, that is called effort, baby. If a website is using common stock photography, people will think the website is spammy, why? That’s because chances are, the stock photos you are using for your website may be similar to the stock photos some cheap websites are also using.

Your website has a contact form, but no additional contact information

Well, it is nice sometimes when we have a complaint against a business’ service, then we can fill a form and write down our problems in that form. However, sometimes we want it fast, and filling a form without knowing your additional contact information makes us wonder if you ever read our inquiries or complaints or whether you will answer or not. It is better for you to include your complete contact information, so that when we need your answer fast, we can call you.

Lame “About Us” page

Okay, there may be many ways to tell stories “about us” to people. However, will people believe your story? That depends on the way you deliver that story yourself. Instead of using common statement like this:

“We are a trusted beauty cosmetics company offering various well-known cosmetics and skincare brands.”

Try this one:

“Many people are born with different skin colours. However, many are still not feeling confident with their skin colour and inner beauty. That reason has become our purpose to provide people with different skin colours with confidence from our products.”

Sounds more inspiring, right?

You provide articles that are based on 80% copied writing

Some of us may hear the term “copy-writing.” Well, at least those who work in the field of SEO know about it. Copywriting in SEO is a specialised form of online writing containing keywords – words and phrases that are usually typed into a search box on a search engine to find the information. However, many people abuse this “copywriting” concept, by copying almost the entire writing from the article source, whereas the real meaning behind copywriting is not about copying stuff. You should just use the article source as the inspiration only.

Your content is too much keyword-stuffed

Inserting keywords into content is alright. What’s not alright is inserting too many of it. People will think your business is a scam. Also, too much keyword-stuffed content or articles doesn’t make your business “talk” directly to customers. Instead, they would feel that you are not taking your business seriously. That’s only for the customer part; the other part is that it will not be search engine friendly. Google, for example, would give you penalties for putting too many keywords in your content as it is against search engine rules and guidelines.

Your website directs me to other websites that are not what I’m looking for

It is VERY annoying when you really want to find something important in a particular website, and you REALLY need it, but then that website suddenly directs you to some websites that are not relevant to what you are looking for, and eventually the original website suddenly turns into some advertisements, and worse, in some cases, those ads are porn ads. No more things left to say. We’re so through.

Your website doesn’t explain anything clear about your company

What makes it difficult for us to trust a company is that they don’t provide clear explanations about their company and what they are doing as well as what they are offering. It makes us question their reliability and credibility. So, if you don’t provide clear descriptions about your company, I’ll leave your website right away.

Your website doesn’t have a blog and social media sharing button

Having a blog is important in a website, because it gives your audience a better understanding about your products or services or other things that are related to what you offer. Also, a blog can strengthen your potential customers’ consideration upon buying your products. Another thing that is important is social sharing button to share your articles. Sometimes your potential customers want to ask their friends to buy your products or use your services together with them. Therefore, in order to convince their friends, sharing your content or blog articles to their friends on social media is a smooth way, literally. If you don’t even have a blog, let alone the social media sharing button, they would think twice and look for other options instead of sticking with you.

That’s the 13 reasons why I will leave your website. If you have a business, it is important to have a website and it is important to “take care” of your website, because that website is one of the crucial factors in getting more new customers for your business. If you need to know more about website creation, feel free to contact our team and we will gladly help you.