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Having a business is not all about getting buyers to buy your products or services. The process itself needs time and strategic plan. Strategic plan is used for improving a business from different sides, such as marketing, finance, employees, etc. The marketing part in a business plan is no doubt the key to success. However, while it is the key to success, there are ways to make your marketing strategy improve. One of the ways is through online marketing. Online marketing is a way to make your business more visible online so that your target audience can find your business anywhere and in order to do that is through having a website. There are important aspects that can boost a website’s quality; one of them is web design. When it comes to web design, every website designer has to have strong design and practical thinking in their quality so that their design will evoke emotions from its viewers, as well as generate interest in them. How? Of course, it is through designing from emotional perspective. Just like what M. Cobanli said, “A great design is the offspring of logic and emotion.” Want to learn more about this? Keep reading to find out!

Type of business

In order to produce a good website and content, first you should define your own business. What type of business that you have? For example, if you have a cosmetics company, then you can design something feminine for your website, added with a little bit of a slogan that goes like this “Dare to be bold, or stick to the feminine: you decide”

Evoking emotions

When it comes to trying to evoke emotions of your audience, there are two steps to do that:

  • Attract the emotions that focus on their needs: fear, frustration, curiosity, anticipation, and happiness, etc.
  • Attract the emotions of satisfaction when they find or achieve what they are looking for when browsing your website and products.

For example, if your business is selling healthy fruits, you can start by making content about how fruits are healthy for your daily life. Maybe you can write something like this “Make your diet plan come to fruition by eating these freshly-picked healthy fruits.” You can also ask your web designer to create that healthy and fresh look on your website.

Re-design and re-create

You may have designed one of the worst designs you have ever made one day, yet you can make it usable and more appealing the next day – that’s what we call re-creation at its finest, and that’s what we learn whenever we are designing something. The thing is that we learn from our mistakes and create better solutions to fix it. When a design fails, the first thing we should do is look for something that lacks in that design, as well as what kind of mistake we make. From that, we can conduct on a research based on what’s happening in the world and adjust it to your design. Re-create something better than the previous design and make it more useful in the future.

Designing from emotional perspective can be expressed through the delivery of the text, visual appeal and sense of humour. Why? Visual appeal combined with text and sense of humour can attract more emotions from people more than average text could, especially now that almost everything is visual, with the right text added with a sense of fun in humour, you can attract people’s attention by evoking their emotions. If you need well-made web design for your website, do not hesitate to contact us and let our design team work to impress you.