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Designing a logo is essential before making a brand. A logo is actually your brand’s breath. With a logo, your brand will stand out and will not be mistaken for any other brand in the same industry out there. Those who have been working on web design should know that a logo will represent a brand as a whole in one single mini-picture. If you are a business owner hiring a designer to design your brand’s logo, make sure you are also involved in the making process. Why? That’s because your brand’s logo also represents you and your business. A designer might know what they are doing, but you know your products and business. For that reason, creating a logo should not be underestimated. While it may take longer if you are really focused on it, you will get better result for your brand’s logo. Therefore, there are things you should consider before designing your brand’s logo. We will tell you what they are! Keep reading to find out.

Use the trends only as an inspiration, but don’t follow it

One thing that seems to be misleading when it comes to design trends is that people tend to follow the trends because of the popularity. Trends should not be followed, but you can use trends as your design inspirations. Why? That’s because not all trends will be suitable with your brand’s image. If you completely follow a trend just because it is popular nowadays, when it doesn’t match your business’ characteristics, it would only ruin your business’ reputation. Also, a logo should be natural and should represent your business; that means you should be unique.

Create a black and white design first

There are things that even though you have used different kinds of colours in a logo, it would still appear black and white in some places, such as photocopies of your logo, fax messages of your company, your advertisements in a newspaper, etc. Therefore, start with black and white before colouring it.

Think outside the box

When it comes to logo making, you should think different, because your logo will represent your business and you don’t want your logo to look the same as the other brands in the same industry, right? Therefore, you have to make it as unique as possible while still representing your brand’s value.

Use minimalistic approach

Adopting minimalistic approach doesn’t mean that you keep your effort to a minimum. It simply means that you leave out unnecessary stuff in your logo design and start focusing on a bigger picture and what really shows your brand’s value and uniqueness.

That’s how you consider a few things before designing your brand’s logo. Keep in mind that there are actually many more things to consider because creating a brand itself should be well-thought out and well-prepared before executing your plan. If you need more information about logo design, feel free to contact us now and let our team help you.