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A lot of people use social media for many purposes, either to express themselves, communicate with their friends, promote their brand, or even use it for business. Social media has brought influences to many aspects of life, especially in the business world. It is no surprise that many businesses have started using social media as a way to communicate with their customers or potential customers, as well as promote their brand. The reason is simple; social media is the easiest way to reach as many people as possible. Now with so many businesses using social media, the competition between business owners has been tighter and tougher.

The fact that technology is more developing as time goes by, there are many more businesses and industries coming as well. That could only mean one thing: more competitors in the same industry. If you are a business owner, you might know the struggle, right? The problem is; how will people find your business? With that question in mind, pioneers coined the term “Search Engine Optimisation.” SEO may have existed since the dawn of time, where not many people knew about SEO until now when almost all business owners know its existence and how important it is for business to grow. While SEO itself can help you increase the possibility to be visible to your target audience, social media can also help you reach to them. With this in mind, another question was born; what is the connection between social media and SEO? Why do business owners use SEO services while using social media as well? In this article, we are going to share with you about that. Keep reading to find out!

Okay, first of all, let us put it this way; social media is not a ranking factor, but it does help improve SEO in some way. Let’s just say, social media is the complement that completes “the missing piece” in SEO process. Here’s how social media helps with SEO process:

Social media has potentials for links

If you share your website article on social media and people see it and find it interesting, it is possible that they will link to it. The more you share your content on social media, the more chances you get for them to see your content and link to it. In fact, it is not always about the shares that matter, but it is the link that does.

Social media can reach to a wider audience

You may sell the best products and services in the world, but it will do you nothing if people don’t know about it. Social media is the right place for you to introduce your brand’s products or services to the world. Why? That’s because billions of people are there and you can reach to a wider audience. When they know your social media profile, and are interested in what you offer, it is highly possible for them to visit your website.

Social media helps with promotions and relationships

Promoting your brand is not only about showing your products or services, but also communicate with your customers and potential customers in a better way, since communication is what strengthens your relationship with them. While you promote your products, they will ask you questions about it and how to order it. Basically, promotion without communication is nothing.

Social media builds credibility

The more proper you use your social media, the higher the chance you will get to increase your brand awareness and be considered as credible. Why? That’s because a business website without social interaction cannot be immediately trusted. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes; if you saw a website offering the products you have been looking for, but there is no social media interaction, would you trust them to deliver your products? The answer is no. If you have a good reputation on social media, it will be highly possible for your followers to visit your website that it will drive more traffic to your website.

That’s how social media matters in SEO process. Basically, it is not only about your website and SEO. Just like content marketing in SEO, social media also plays a big role in it, because when you are running a business, it is all about to be found and trusted. That way, you will have loyal customers and more potential customers in the future.