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It is not uncommon anymore that business owners need a website to help them grow their business and increase their online visibility and brand awareness. After all, business can never be separated from SEO. No matter how successful your business already is, you would still need SEO services (and a website!). With the existence of a website, the possibility of people in finding your business can increase as well, because a website helps in bringing more people to know more about your business. Also, owning a website can increase your business’ credibility, since it provides more useful information and important content about your business to your visitors. If you are a business owner determined to grow your business, then this article is perfect for you to read. Keep reading to find out!

A good website should have important elements in it that can strengthen the possibility of increasing a business’ brand awareness. Those important elements include SEO, high quality content, good website development, and of course, unique website design. You don’t want your website to be filled with text-only content that will make your visitors (including you) bored, right? Yes, that’s where the web design role finally plays out! In order for your website to provide more information to your visitors more effectively, your website should also attract them in the “eye”. So many business owners hire web designers to help them get the best look on their website in so many different ways, depending on their business types. However, many still use flash websites in hopes to attract visitors, since flash websites have the “good look”. Wait, what?

What is a flash website, actually? Simply put, flash is a technology based from Adobe, which enables a website to show great animation that can be in a form of slideshows, video, motions, or anything that moves. Well, it may seem to catch attention, since the animation may look good and attractive for some reason; however, what you might not know is that the text provided by a flash website cannot be read by search engines. Basically, in visitors’ perspective itself, a flash website might make them uncomfortable when browsing your pages, and this will affect your SEO process. Below, we provide you with the top reasons why your flash website might not be SEO-friendly:

  • The slow loading time might irritate your visitors sooner or later, no matter how gorgeous your website is. The flash file itself is taking too long to load, not to mention the pre-loaded image that actually tells you how long you should wait for it to fully load. Well, just by looking at how much longer you need to wait for the website to fully load (now that you know), you might as well leave it for good.
  • If you decided to put music to your website, that’s where the mistake lies. Of course, music being put on a website is something that your visitors have no say in it. When they are browsing your website during work hours, that’s when your visitors start getting irritated at the music that suddenly plays without notice.
  • In order for search engine optimisation process to work well, unique and various URLs are needed. However, when you are using a flash website, as your visitors are exploring the different pages on your website, the web address URL never changes and Google only sees this kind of website as a one-page website.
  • If you test how your website looks in the “eye” of a search engine, you will notice that the search engine “spider” cannot find one and almost to none of the text indexed when they are trying to index the website, which can only mean one thing: a website made of full flash cannot be read by search engines.
  • As search engines cannot read flash websites, of course it will be hard to rank them.
  • Aside from not being SEO-friendly, flash websites cannot be viewed by mobile devices, making it also not mobile-friendly. With the developing technology where almost everything is about the use of mobile devices, flash websites is definitely not the right choice to use for marketing your business.

That’s the reasons why flash websites are not SEO-wise for your business. While flash websites are made through great creativity that can stimulate the viewers’ mind, its non-friendly tendencies may affect some important factors in building a good website, especially now that we clearly know how important SEO is for business. Therefore, before designing your website, make sure you consider the important factors first from SEO and users perspective.