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What kind of articles that you like reading? Many of us see many kinds of articles online. Some women may be familiar with beauty articles; some of us may read culinary review articles on some blogs too. However, do you really know the real purpose behind those articles? Why do they need to write articles about stuff? Of course, this is not only about their hobby in writing. The main purpose behind article writing is to gain traffic and gather audience, especially for business. Article writing in business plays a role in SEO services that can help boost online visibility for business’ website. Yes, now almost all business owners know that SEO is needed for business, even from small to big ones. Therefore, there is one term for this special writing; SEO copywriting. Why is SEO copywriting special and different from any writing? Keep reading this article to find out!

SEO copywriting is a writing in a specialised form of online that consists of keywords – words that are typed by your target reader into a search engine to find the information they need. This writing can help your online content get higher rank in search results, which can result in driving qualified traffic. The traffic you get can help you build strong credibility and online presence for your business, which can turn your potential customers into real paying customers.

So, what is the main difference between SEO copywriting and any regular writing?

It’s the key phrases, known as keywords. Basically, people type words into a search box on search engines to find the information they want using specific keywords. These keywords will generate search results that are relevant to them. If you have high quality content writing, you will be included in the top results, and your content will generate leads because of that. For example, if you use keyword “best cc cream for oily skin” and write good articles about it, you may have a chance to rank high on search engines and lead people to find your business. First, they will find your articles after typing that specific keyword, and when they find your articles and read the articles, they will be curious about what your business offers; therefore, they will go to your website and make a deal with you when they are sure.

What is SEO copywriting for?

Basically, SEO copywriting serves two “masters”. Search engines and relevant audience. For example, if you are selling beauty products, your target is mostly women of different kinds of ages; therefore, you have to write articles that can make them convinced enough to buy your products. Aside from that, your content in your writing should be high in quality and relevant to your products and your business. If you are ranked well on search engines and your readers love your articles, it will open new opportunities for your returning customers to buy your products again and for potential customers to be your real paying customers.

That being said, using too many keywords is also inadvisable as it is considered as spam and against search engines’ rules and guidelines. Therefore, make sure when you are copywriting, just do it as naturally as possible. That way, you will produce high quality content that will make you get ranked well on search engines.