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Creativity can come from anyone, but the idea of being unique and different is something not many people can have. It comes from a person’s different mindset and point of view, which can give different kinds of results, but usually in a good way. For that reason, creativity is always used in many design projects, such as interior design, web design, or even fashion design. However, when it comes to business, should we actually use creativity? The answer is simple; yes, because creativity is used everywhere and for many purposes even in your daily life, without you realising it. Remember why people use bottle to separate the egg yolk from white? Yes, even that practicality in solving problem or reducing difficulties in something requires creativity. Therefore, many business owners hire creative people to help their business grow and increase brand awareness. With creativity, business can create ideas to improve and perceive. However, creativity is not just found; it is built with time and mindset. So, how do we boost creativity and spark innovation in a business? If you are a business owner or a marketing manager or a social media admin trying to attract more customers to your company, find out how in this article now.

Work on your mindset

The first thing you have to do in order to be more creative is to work on your mindset. Believe it or not, your mindset is a strong influential factor to your action. If you don’t think you can, then you can’t. If you think this is impossible, then it will really be impossible. Therefore, working on your mindset first before starting your project is a must, because if you don’t work on your mindset, you will end up stopping in the middle of your project. If you have a strong mindset and are willing to do your best in your project, then anything good and creative will come together.

Gradually change your bad habits

If you want to put a strong mindset, you have to leave your bad habits. It does not have to be fast, you can do it gradually, starting from sleeping early at 9:00 PM or 10:00 PM and getting up early as well. You can sleep 8 hours a day, drink vitamins, exercise your body with plenty of healthy workout, eat healthy food, train your brain, and many more. If you surround yourself with good and healthy lifestyles, you can embrace strong mindsets to create and innovate.

Start writing your own journal

Writing a journal helps you keep track of your ideas. Keeping your ideas in a journal can also allow you to improvise and revise your creative plan for later use. This way, you will be well-prepared to be creative at any time.

Indulge yourself in art

Even if you are not a fan of art, when you want to be creative, believe it or not, art will give you visual and imaginative inspiration that you might not notice before. Using art, your senses will be stronger and more sensitive, that will lead you to discover ideas.

Learn from the Cubist Perspective

Around 1907-1908, cubism was invented and developed by artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. It was a revolutionary new approach to representing reality. Basically, the idea of this cubism came from the understanding of people’s different perspective. For that reason, cubists found a new way of seeing, by simultaneously showing us multiple views of a subject from different perspectives in time and space. If you see something, you don’t only see one thing from one point of view. You can see many things from one single view. If you can learn cubist perspective, you can discover ideas and make the imaginations into innovation that you can use for your projects.

That’s how you boost creativity and spark innovation for yourself and for your company. Remember that you are the one who starts your business and you are the one who works for your company, that means how it goes depends on you, because creativity and innovation start with you. When you can spark your own creativity and innovation, then your company will get the results from it.