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“I want to be ranked 1st by tomorrow morning.”

That sentence above is a common request made by clients to any SEO agency they are hiring for SEO services to grow their business. Well, it is only natural for them to request something like that, since the majority of them have no idea what it is really like to grow a business using SEO. However, if a digital marketer from an SEO agency saying this: “We can rank you 1st in a day,” it is most likely you are being told a lie, and if it is not a lie, it is possible that the digital marketer is hiding something from you. Why? That’s because good quality SEO techniques are not done in a day, not even in a month. So, if anybody ever promising you that kind of offer, chances are, you are being fooled and this is not going to be good for your business. Unfortunately, there are still so many ways to fool a customer by saying different kinds of lies that maybe most of you are familiar with but never know the truth about it. Want to know more about what lies they may or may “not” tell you? Find out in this article.

Doing SEO is not as simple as what people thought it would be. You need to be patient and dedicated to do this for more than a year. Yes, SEO can take months and even a year for us to see the significant results. Also, there are other components we have to use in order to boost the SEO optimisation process, such as content, articles, keywords, social media campaigns, and many more. The process, however, may take time as you are competing against other companies in the same industry as well. Therefore, saying that it can rank well in a day is beyond exaggerating, and if it does rank well in fast pace, chances are, you have to use black-hat SEO techniques, which are against search engines’ rules and guidelines. If you do black-hat SEO techniques, however, you are going to get your company into troubles that you can result in the damage to your company’s credibility and reputation. With that in mind, you need to be careful when digital marketers are trying to tell you these lies:

“We can get you ranked 1st on Google in a month.”

No one can or should make fake promises like that just to get you to make a deal with them. Google will only rank you 1st if they trust you or if your content is original with highest quality. That also includes high quality backlinks and relevant content. With that alone, you can’t just see results within a month, as it may take time to process.

“Search engine updates are to blame for our poor results.”

Well, there are many companies that still make it to the first page of Google’s search results despite the updates. If the optimisation process gets bad impacts because of the updates, it won’t be as bad as poor results that are caused by bad quality content or any bad SEO services. In fact, there is no excuse as to why you didn’t get the expected results. If the SEO company you are hiring is constantly blaming Google on this matter, you know what to do next.

“More keywords and more links, the better it will be for our SEO campaign.”

While that might have been true back then, now with search engine’s updates keep improving, those link spam styles will get you into trouble if you are doing that now, as search engines like Google is now more focused on link quality over quantity. Therefore, if the SEO company that you are hiring is still thinking that link spam styles are the best method for SEO, then they really don’t know what they are doing.

“We can do SEO for you with low budget and high quality fast results.”

There is nothing in this world that offers high quality services or products with a low budget. This is the reality that some people still don’t get it. The correct word for this is affordable budget but with stable and improving results at the right time. As previously mentioned in the previous paragraph, the good quality SEO takes time and you have to watch the progress month by month and you can only see the significant result after at least 11 months, but that is, if you are really doing SEO properly.

“You don’t need articles or social media campaign to do SEO. We can guarantee that.”

It is wrong to think that SEO only comes from on-site optimisation, let alone guarantee that. In doing SEO, there are important components that can help boost and improve SEO process, such as on-site optimisation, on-site content, off-site content, link building, article writing, and even social media campaigns. Therefore if any SEO company are only focused on on-site optimisation, chances are, it is going to take a lot more time than it is supposed to. Also, it is a no-guarantee result that you shouldn’t hope for.

That’s some of the common lies some digital marketers tell you in order to get you make a deal with them. If you are told these lies and you are making a deal with them, it is most likely that you will just waste your time and money on this. The right SEO may take time, but the results will be worth the wait if you do it properly. For that reason, no SEO company should guarantee you fast results or 1st result with little effort. If you are being told those lies, you know what to do.