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There are many things you can expect from having a business. Some are in a good way, some are in… let’s say, a challenging way. You don’t just go half way and don’t expect miracles to come, because when you start up your business, you automatically make a commitment to take responsibilities of everything that comes with it. In a challenging way, you can expect changes and some setbacks that may happen in the future. Business always requires you to change without losing your authenticity, or else you might have some setbacks in your industry. The good news is; once you know where you stand, the rewards will be worthwhile and that’s what you can expect… in a good way.

It is not new anymore for business owners to know that when it comes to business, SEO always plays a big role in it, because through SEO services, you can make your business more visible to the world that will direct you to your target audience so they can find you. There are many components that can strengthen your SEO process, starting from optimising the website with on-page optimisation, researching keywords, even to writing articles to boost the SEO progress. With that in mind, there comes a question; “Should we be creative with SEO?” That’s a question with so many relative answers, actually. But, what do you think? Well, let’s discuss it in this article!

Things that complement SEO are various; however, one of the keys in a successful SEO is creativity in creating the content. Believe it or not, content is what makes SEO more “alive.” And this content needs creativity to be able to deliver the best SEO efforts for better results. So, how does creativity connect to SEO? It’s through article and content marketing. The main objective of creating high quality articles and content is to attract people’s attention within the time they see the articles and content – that’s how creativity takes place. Why is this important? Well, it is simple; by using creativity to generate people’s interest, it can lead them to your website and this is where the effort is starting to kick in.

With that in mind, being creative in SEO process lies in the article writing and content making, which includes:

  • Easily readable and understandable article and content.
  • Interesting intro that people just can’t not click the content and article.
  • Something that provides what people need.
  • Timely arranged content.

When it comes to readers’ perspective, these are how things could possibly happen when they see your content or articles (possibilities):

  • Your content and articles are easy to read, scan, and understand.
  • People can’t just ignore numbers.
  • People who don’t know the first things about the topic will learn something important from you.
  • People who may know about the topic can be tempted to open your content and articles, either to see how much you know about it or if the information provided is better than what they know so they can’t resist learning more interesting and new information in there.
  • Some of them may add your content and articles’ information to their own ‘to-do-soon’ lists.

So, what’s this timely arranged content and why does it need creativity?

Many business owners, including you, try to promote or introduce their new products to the world. The proper way to do that requires impeccable strategy that is right with the timing, which, in this case, means that you have to “think first, link later”. Why? That’s because only through strategic planning that can be developed with timely arranged content will result in long lasting results. The example you can learn from is when Amazon introduced their new delivery service ‘Prime Air’ that enables the purchased goods delivery done by drone. The promise was to that have your order in your hands within 30 minutes hitting the ‘Buy’ button. From Amazon, here are the things you can learn and be inspired:

  • Their idea was content creation made with a video announcement. This ended up generating very good media coverage, social shares and links.
  • They created a seasonal story that was related to this new service.
  • The story attracted major media coverage as well as many social shares, followed by many blog posts. Also, the link building was perfectly timed.
  • The video used for the story itself might not appear to be a big-budget production. In fact, it is of a good standard that even most of us could do that with a little practice.

So, how could a good standard video attract so many people? Yes, creativity is the answer. That being said, you can’t just go and make low quality video for promotion. Promotion campaign is the key in generating more leads and potential customers. Therefore, creative imagination should be used more effectively, but of course video quality should never be left out. Also, keep in mind that content should be able to deliver the best message that can attract and boost people’s interest while providing relevant information at the same time, because creativity should be combined with proper content for better results. That way, your business will keep running smoothly.