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Every business has different kinds of stories to tell their customers and their potential customers, whether in a form of advertisements, social media, or even their own website. In 2018, with the constantly growing and developing technology, it is not impossible for business to convey their messages and stories through the internet in a much more exciting way. If you own a business, you should already know that having a website alone is not enough to do that. One of the most important components in building a website is web design. With the right design, a website can go from ordinary to extraordinary.

If you have a design in mind for your business’ website, then, of course, you have to keep up with the trends too. The year of 2018 is where all the design trends shine; however, keep in mind that not all the trends are suitable for your business. That being said, there is one of the web design trends that we can recommend that can mesh with any business based on our exploration in the world of web design. It is called data storytelling, combined with data visualisation. Basically, you have all the relevant information regarding your business and you want to share it with your customers or potential customers. In order to share the information without taking a long time and making your visitors feel bored, you create a way to turn the information into visualised storytelling that will not only keep your visitors well-informed but also entertained at the same time. That is called data storytelling plus data visualisation.

It is amazing how you can turn something ordinary into something exciting in 2018! What’s more, it can also be the best tool for marketing strategies. Why? Well, now that you know what data storytelling plus its visualisation is, let us explain about why data storytelling plus visualisation can help your website in so many ways as well as your marketing.

It connects more to your visitors in a meaningful and valuable way

Nowadays, we can find all the data we want easily, but can we find the meaning and the value of the data itself? With storytelling and visualisation, you can convey so many messages to your visitors while giving them the true meaning and value of your message, because you are not just delivering messages, but you also connect to them and help them get some insights and inspirations just by reading your messages.

It is public relation – “reinvented”

In order to stand out, you need to be unique and keep in mind that your competitors might think the same too, especially those that are in the same industry. With storytelling and visualisation, you can share your own “story” in a different way that is unique. This can also differentiate your business from another business in the same industry. If you share unique and interesting content, it is possible for you to be more publicly recognised and therefore can improve your business’ credibility.

It increases credibility

We can find so much content out there, but only some are credible. What your audience needs is accuracy and honesty. Stand out by providing accurate and honest data in a simple way but compelling at the same time.

It makes your message unforgettable

Using narrative combined with visuals in your data storytelling, you are not only targeting your audience’s visuals, but also their brain effectively. Most of us agree that in order for us to collect and memorise data effectively, we don’t just read, but we also see and listen to it. The narrative helps you through the data, and the data can support the narrative. This can become a powerful source of data transmission that not only lets your audience understand your message better, but also makes them memorise and recall the information transmitted visually to the brain. It is also more appealing and stimulating to them that it makes them want to know more about your messages.

That’s the reasons why data storytelling plus data visualisation can provide you with better results in your marketing strategies and even SEO. Keep in mind that in order for you to produce great content, you need to express your information sharing in a way that can define the uniqueness in you. While not all the trends are suitable with your business, data storytelling can mesh well with any business if done and created properly. Remember to always provide accurate and honest information. That way, you can give better insights for your audience that can result in making your business more credible and visible.