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Anyone can be creative. We can be creative. You can be creative. However, we can’t always be creative all the time. There are times when we need time to enhance our creativity. Well, we can “reduce” the time we need in order to be creative by using a, let’s say, booster. Yes, by using a “booster”, we can enhance our creativity. Actually, there are many ways to boost creativity, but using a booster is much more effective, since you can find inspiration that will help you dive deeper into your creativity.

Why do you need creativity? Well, in almost all work fields, creativity is needed for solving problems, creating solutions, creating art works, inventing new techy stuff, making good strategies for marketing, even creating ideas for business. One of the common uses of creativity lies in the business world. If you own a business, you must be creative most of the time, because in this era, you will have to adapt to the constant changes made by the trends. In the business world, it is not uncommon for us that the use of a website is a must for some industries, especially B2C companies. A website helps you reach to your target audience and engage with them as well as give them the answers to their questions indirectly. Aside from that, with great and high quality content, a website can increase your online visibility, so that those potential customers can find you.

That being said, having a website alone doesn’t guarantee you success. Why? That’s because in order to be more visible, a website needs a set of components that can help build a great quality website; web design, web development, and SEO. In this article, we are going to talk about web design, since it is the essential element in making a stunning website. Web design can not only make a website look attractive and stunning, it can also help with search engine optimisation. In order to create a good looking website while providing useful functions for search engine optimisation process at the same time, you need inspirations to enhance your creativity. If you can get inspirations, you will know exactly what you want for your website design, and you can help in directing your web designers to do the right design that you have in your imagination. Of course, this will help enhance your web design process faster too. Below we provide you with top web design magazines in 2018 that can help you boost your creativity just by looking at them! Just a reminder that this is not paid recommendation; we recommend these magazines based on self-experiences and we will gladly share this with you in this article. Keep reading to find out!

Creative Review

Launched back in 1980, Creative Review magazine helps you get better insights on graphic design in a more understandable way even for those who are still new to web design. Basically, this magazine updates monthly and mostly covers topics about web design. Also, this magazine covers all about technology, including animation, tools, books, typography and many things that are related to web design and web development.


Web design inspiration 1

Print Magazines

Print was founded in 1940 and has been an iconic design and visual culture brand having a role as a resource to find inspiration, design education, and design thinking written in a professional magazine. It covers interactive work of web design, motion graphics, corporate branding, illustration, etc.


Web design tips 1


This magazine was founded in 2005, covering topics about web design, creative tools, web design techniques, and many more. If you need information about hardware and software, you can also find it here. This is a very great magazine that can help you with more inspiration and knowledge.


Web design inspiration 2


Communication Arts

Founded in 1959, this magazine can provide you with two types of magazines; online and offline. You can read the magazine online through their website (their website alone is very attractive, you can find so many inspirations on the right side of the website). Basically, this magazine covers topics about interactive web designs, illustrations, innovations, photography, interactive media and typography, coupled with design inspirations and informative column that is also printed in high quality.


Web design inspiration 3

That’s all the magazine recommendation from us. These magazines can give you more ideas about how you want your web design to be and this can help with your web design process and make it easy for your web designers to work on your website. If you haven’t got a web designer yet to design your future website, you can contact us now and get our professional web designers to work on your website.