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“Running a business is like rearing a child – you’re in it for the long haul,” said Lis Allen. Yes, it is true. When you think about having a business, you have the future in mind and you are in it for a long time. It is never an easy process, but once you get everything under control, the result will be satisfying. When you have a business, you don’t just see things only in your perspective, but also from your customers’ perspective, because having a business is not only about how to earn profits from your business, but also about how, while earning profits, you can satisfy and pamper your customers. Well, with the growing technology in this now digital era, there are many ways a business can do to “pamper” their customers. One of the ways to do that is through having a website. With a website, you can communicate with your customers and potential customers online and you can also give them more insights about your company.

That being said, having a website alone doesn’t really help if not accompanied with the right web design, because web design is one of the most important components in building a website. Even though it depends on your type of business, there is one thing that is absolute in a website that you have to make sure it is embedded in your website. It is called customer-centric web design approach. This article gives you insights on customer-centric web design based on your customers’ mind. Keep reading to find out!

A customer-centric web design is the outcome of the effective research by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes to develop a website that is customer-friendly while providing all the information needed to make easier buying decision for your customers. With your customers in mind, you can help them find what they want on your website, while giving you a number of key business benefits.

Easy to use

A customer-centric website can make it easier for your customers to use the site, especially when it comes to purchasing your products. Your website should be clearly organised and easy to navigate. Also, a customer-centric website should not make customers get bored with needless and pointless information that would even confuse them. Your website should include useful but brief information regarding your products without confusing your customers, clearly labelled categories that include links or buttons for each category on every page easily.

Easier problem solving

Facilitate your website with the solutions for problems and complaints, making you “approachable” for your customers to get helps from you, especially if there are problems at hand. You can start by adding “Frequently Asked Questions” that can help your customers find answers to solve their problems. Don’t forget to add something that can help them reach you in case they didn’t find what they are looking for in FAQ, like a live chat, for example.

Generate sales

With a customer-centric website, it is like having a “silent marketer” on behalf of your real marketing team – it tells more than what meets the eye, in the eye of a customer. The features you provide on your website can tell your customers not only about your products but also about the benefits of buying the products, without having to see your customers in person.

Useful company information

Company information is really essential when it comes to a website. Customers only trust a reliable company with reliable information. It doesn’t necessarily have to be long, but make sure your company provides useful, sincere and honest information about your company. Write that on your “About Us” page.

That’s all you need to know about customer-centric websites. That being said, you should also consider applying good and attractive design for your website that is user-friendly. Avoid including useless designs on your website, as it would not only cause slow loading pages, but it would also cause your website to crash a lot. If you need an attractive, customer-centric website, do not hesitate to contact us and our team will gladly help you.