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In the constantly changing era where almost everything follows the always coming trends, business always changes with time passing by; especially now we’re living in the digital era where almost everything is done digitally. Even you can purchase almost everything only by using your mobile device. With this common knowledge in mind, business owners always try new things to impress and attract their potential customers by keeping up with the trends, starting from making a website to provide more information about their business, building brand identity to make your potential customers feel familiar with your brand, creating social media accounts to keep in touch and engage more with customers (and attracting new one too!), even to hiring an SEO company to provide them with SEO services.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, is a strategy used for increasing brand awareness through improving a website online visibility on search engines. When it comes to business, SEO is one of the most important factors in building and shaping a business; therefore, when people start a business, most of them know the existence and the importance of SEO for their business. Using SEO strategies may not instantly give you promises of success, but it helps you improve the possibility of success. However, some business owners think that using SEO will guarantee them success, but then when it fails to deliver the best results, they end up complaining and thinking that SEO won’t work well with business. Actually, that’s wrong. Why? That’s because when their work on their website fails to achieve SEO results, it’s not SEO that is to blame for this; it is how they work on their SEO that needs evaluating. That leaves a nagging question being asked over and over again; “Why is my SEO not working the way I wanted to?” If you are a business owner or a marketing manager, or someone who works in the business and marketing fields, what would you do to increase your brand awareness? Would you do those things we have mentioned in the first paragraph? Or would you do SEO for your business? This article will answer the reasons you need to know why your SEO is not working the way you wanted it to.

Slow loading website

Everyone hates waiting, right? So do we; and Google has confirmed it too. Matt Cutts of Google once announced in 2010 that the speed in loading a website will impact search rankings. Also, according to some research, 47% of your target audience expects your website to load in under two seconds. Therefore, if your website is slow, it is possible for your visitors to leave your website before it is even loading properly. Your website’s slow loading page may be caused large files being added to your website without being optimised first. It could be large images, heavy content, etc.

Missing out on content for targeted keywords

Sometimes there are websites that lack content and doesn’t provide information that can help support the targeted keywords. This won’t get you ranked on Google; because only stuffing your keywords without giving proper explanations will make your website evoke a sense of unreliability. It is the same as telling your students to behave nicely without telling them why they should.

Bad and irrelevant content

Yes, content is one of the most important components in building a website. Without content, the website will lose its purpose in gaining more potential customers. Avoid making bad content that is not relevant to your business. Focus on your target audience and create content based on them.

Hiring an SEO company based solely on price

While it’s true that as a business owner, you also need to pay attention to details like pricing, planning, etc., you should also be aware that hiring an SEO company should be based on quality and how they work with SEO. Choosing an SEO company to do SEO jobs for you based on price alone will not guarantee you success. You have to see how they use their strategy and what kind of SEO practice they use in implementing their strategy, because…

Black-hat SEO strategies will burn your company

Just like everything in this world, there are things considered as legal and illegal. Of course you know what this means; some are acceptable SEO strategies, and some are not, and this is called Black-hat SEO strategy. Everything in black-hat SEO strategy breaks everything in search engines’ guideline. While you might get fast results, it will not last long, and once Google finds out; you will get severe punishment and that can damage your brand more than you can imagine. Therefore, it is important to always be involved in every SEO process to watch how it goes even though you already hire an SEO company to do the work.

Those are the real reasons why your SEO fails. That being said, don’t think that SEO will not work well with your business in the future, you just have to change and avoid doing SEO the wrong way. Don’t blame SEO for the failures. Remember, good quality SEO services require time, patience, and a great deal of experiences to keep going and improve your chance of success. Give it time and observe the process. Pay attention to your website as well and produce a better content that can boost your website’s online visibility. If you haven’t got any SEO company to hire yet, feel free to contact us and consult to us and our team will always be ready to help you.