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It is not uncommon anymore for people who have been in the business fields that SEO and business cannot be separated from each other. Search engine optimisation, known as SEO, is the technique used for increasing a website’s online visibility on search engines as well as increasing brand awareness. For that reason, many companies compete for reaching a wider audience to increase their brand awareness through hiring SEO companies that offer SEO services.

When doing an SEO process, there is one of the important elements that can help in many ways – the article making. Articles are made not only to educate people about what you write, but also establish your website and company profile. Through writing articles, you can also get more backlinks and increase your brand awareness, as well as improve traffic to your website. Therefore, many companies start hiring professional copywriters that can produce helpful, informative and interesting articles that can be beneficial for their company. Of course, it is not just about articles, but it is also about quality.

If you are a business owner and already hire an SEO company to do SEO for you, you surely know that you also need a copywriter to write articles for you too. However, before deciding to hire a copywriter, make sure you know how to identify the right one, so that your SEO will progress well. Don’t worry, as this article will help you with that. Keep reading to learn these steps!

Know the right copywriting, not just “any copywriting”

There are many writers out there, but only some who know what they are doing. This means, any writer can write articles, copy some stuff, and insert some keywords in it, and then, that’s it, just like that. Well, it is not that simple, but it is not that complicated too. Good copywriting is not always focused on keywords. The key point is what is written in that article. The good one should include information that educate and entertain people at the same time. Also, you don’t insert so many keywords in one article. A good copywriter should know how many keywords that should be included in one article. If the copywriter you are testing is stuffing so many keywords at once, then, absolutely not.

“Know what you need, not what you want,” said the right copywriter

While it is important to produce high quality articles with interesting stuff inside, you should know the difference between what you want and what you need. It is simple to include what you want in an article, but you might not know if it is actually necessary or not, but the right copywriter should know. They will only include necessary but important elements in their high quality articles to avoid over-optimising content that would not be good for your SEO process. Yes, only the qualified one knows the best.

Analyse the copywriting skills of your copywriter-to-be, one by one

They say “experience is your best teacher”, well, not always. It is more like, “anyone can be your teacher.” While it is true that you need an expert in this area, skill is the one that differentiates people and their quality. Some SEO copywriters might be newbies that only know the first things about SEO, while some are SEO experts that know how to put strategies and key phrases when writing articles. However, you can differentiate them based on their writing style, and how they improve their writing skills. A good copywriter knows how to entertain and educate people at the same time, and they don’t always have to be an expert in SEO. Is their writing skill unique? Are they able to attract people with their writings? Are they a fast learner?

If their writing skill is unique and they know how to attract people, as well as know how to improve their knowledge on SEO, then, all you need to do is give them time and they will do some magic for you. Practice makes perfect, because knowledge alone doesn’t determine good results. For that reason, you should give your candidates some tests and analyse their skill from that.

Get to know your soon-to-be copywriter first

It is not only about the writing skill, but you can also know if they are the right person through talking to them in person. From the meeting, you can get the “feels” and know if they are the right person or not. No, we’re not talking about soul mate-finding here; we’re talking about copywriter-finding. From your conversation, you can pay attention to details and find out if they are a creative person or more of a critical person.

Ask the candidates about their educational backgrounds and experiences

Before doing this step, make sure you know what you need in a copywriter. Do you want them to have literature as their educational background? Do you prefer them to be an expert in IT? Do you want them to be good at English? Or do you prefer someone who is bilingual? Depending on your preferences, you can choose the right one through analysing their educational backgrounds and experiences. Make sure you know what is needed for your brand before you decide to set your preferences in a copywriter.

That’s all you need to know in choosing the right copywriter. Remember, a good copywriter knows what you need, not what you want. Also, they will always keep improving their writing skills and expanding their knowledge in SEO related information – someone who is willing to know and learn new things. Don’t rush things, choose carefully and wisely. That way, you can find a highly qualified that knows SEO standards, as well as your preference while providing you with what you need.