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As the saying goes, in the business world, you can either go big, or go home. If you own a business, you have to compete with other companies with the same industry as yours in order to stand out and succeed. With so many big companies out there, you might think that it is difficult  for your business to compete, right? However, there are still so many ways that you can do to compete with the biggest brands in your industry. One of the ways is by optimising your brand in search engines. Why? That’s because with the always-changing technology and trends, every business needs a website. A website is useful in improving your brand awareness and providing more information and direct services to your customers or clients, and the way to optimise your website in search engines, is through SEO. Although many traditional “industry leaders” have finally gotten around to SEO, smaller players can still reach the top. So, if you are a business owner, there is still hope for your start-up business to shine. All you need to do is to read the following points and make sure your SEO service agency can do it for you.

Google ranks pages, not sites

Big brands might have big recognition, but it will not make that companies have good SEO instantly. This is because in SEO, the link profile, helpfulness, and optimisation of a single page is much more important in its results than the clout of the domain name. Therefore, if you are a start-up industry, make sure your content is useful, informative, and focused on a “long tail” keyword, since it is the only way for you to beat the industry kingpins.

Local businesses can beat national ones

In many cases, local business has a good chance to win over national business, as long as they focus on optimising local SEO and engaging with friendly, proactive reputation management on review platforms. Furthermore, small businesses also need to perform their best quality and service, as it will boost their local visibility.

Small businesses also need to maximise their social media campaign and to be aware with their core audience, because that’s where small businesses will reach audience better. For instance, if you know your big competitor is spending all of their time/money on Facebook, then there’s a huge opportunity for you to get your core audience on Instagram.

In fact, large companies are slowly catching onto this, so it is not too late to make it a cornerstone of your business. Use social media to engage with your audience, one on one, and build personal relationships with them.

Small businesses are more authentic

We are living in a society that loves authenticity. This is where big brands have to figure out how to give their communications a human voice since big market tend to be general. On the other hand, smaller business tend to be more passionate, highly visible, and outstanding to  niche audience across social media, video content, and SEO initiatives which will surely result in  more backlinks and more consumer trust.

For example, you are selling bags and you’re competing with a large corporation. This corporation is too general in terms of model. Therefore, to stand out on this field, you can sell bags that can be customised to buyer’s different desire.

Smaller enterprises are more consistent and innovative

The constantly changing world of SEO is actually disadvantageous for many biggest companies. Therefore, even though you are only a small business, as long as you are committed to consistently investing time and resources into SEO, you’ll have the chance to adjust course and maximise new opportunities. On the other hand, it can hardly happen at giant multinationals, which have to contend with bureaucracy and focus on high-earning initiatives with fast results.

Create content which fits the narrative of the platform

Remember that each person may like different kind of content. Therefore, you cannot create all content equal on each platform. For example, you can create a video on Snapchat which is targeted for people who like the unprofessional looks on Instagram or Facebook.

On the other hand, you need to create more authentic video on Snapchat. So, basically you can create content that fits to your audience platform and remember that each platform will have different type of users.

Don’t ignore trial and error

Testing is the key of success in almost everything, especially in SEO and Social Media Marketing. This is because you need to test different tactics of gaining exposure in your niche. Remember for not easily believing in something just because a famous blog/blogger said so. You have to test it and see if it truly works for your business and your niche. In fact, trial and error is the only way to discover what works and what you can scale to achieve amazing results.

Hopefully, after reading the tips above, you can perform better SEO strategies, so that your business can win over the big companies out there. Remember that it is not impossible to compete with big businesses as long as you know the ropes and don’t hesitate to consult with your SEO agency about what strategy that you need to apply in your business, so that you can achieve the desired result from your effort.