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As a web designer, we surely know that web design trends always come and go and are always evolving, just like the latest fashion trends. This year, there are some trends that are rising, whilst other popular ones from last year will be outdated soon. In approaching design, appearance does matter as it will affect people’s first impression. Therefore, as a web designer, it is important to know which trends will work for you and look fantastic and which ones will look boring and outdated. Below we serve you with 5 web design trends that will likely be popular in 2018. Enjoy!

White Space

Also known as negative space, you may have heard about this conceptual element already, and no, it’s not really new anymore, however, many web designers still find that this negative space is still an important design feature especially for mobile. This is because mobile website design requires fast and lightweight design elements that are not overly dynamic. However in 2018, many web developers will use this design element mainly as a way to try and increase leads and conversions as negative space can easily lead attention to the CTA (call to action) features as there are less distractions and unneeded elements. No wonder that in 2018, you will see more white space designs on a whole new level.

Expressive Typography

Since the minimalistic look will become a trend in 2018, typography should be one design element that stands out and able to take center-stage. Instead of using images that can add weight and excessive loading to a page, you can use bold typography that can create cleaner lines, more negative space and a clearer message without causing a negative impact to the performance of your site. Furthermore, in 2018, the logo and calls to action designs will likely be more expressive than ever before.

Video & Animation

Like it or hate it, but storytelling has become one of the newest trends to follow in the last couple of years of online marketing and the best way to deliver your storytelling in a website is through animation. This is why many brands are now using some forms of animation or fully captured on their homepage to showcase products and services.

With animations and videos, you can easily start engagement and immediately draw users into the site and immediately capture the essence of your website in one short 30-60s segment. Furthermore, videos or animations can display products that visitors might be interested in before buying it. In fact, videos or animations can be used if you want to sell products with a higher price as it has the potential to improve your conversion especially when the visitor gets the information they need without having to research it on another website.

Box Designs

Another trend that you should keep an eye for is the increasing use of box designs on websites. This design will divide sections of a webpage into different “boxes”, such as the following example:

web design 1


This design has been adopted by Apple which uses the box design all throughout their site, but with a strong emphasis on visuals.

Contrasting Color

Even though some people prefer to use a minimalistic design, some others will prefer to have contrast colors on a webpage. Actually, contrast color is a very effective way to draw attention to certain elements on a page. For example, you can place colored fonts against backgrounds of a contrasting color to catch the visitor’s attention, just like DropBox does.

web design 2

So, which trends that you like the most? Well, like it or not, you will see these trends coming throughout the year. Are you ready to implement them? If you need a help to implement this design on your website, feel free to contact us as our skilled web designers and developers are ready to help.