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We all know that technology is one of the fastest changing things in the world. Therefore, people who are related to this business should always be aware with the newest trend to follow. In this New Year, there are some upcoming trends that will be beneficial for web developers and business owners to follow. These trends will help you elevate the success of your website to the next level.  So, are you curious to figure out what they are? Here are the 5 web development trends to take a look at in 2018.

E-Commerce Automation and machine Learning

As a business owner, we surely want to know what our customer’s needs andtheir preferences are. In order to know customers’ preferences, many big companies, such as Facebook and Youtube have implemented machine learning in their systems. This machine will include systems that “learn” user tendencies and show content accordingly. Therefore, this machine will discover both the content displayed and the user activity.

Moreover, it can also deter and detect fraud, as well as the personalization of websites based on the user’s preferences. No wonder this machine can learn what someone likes or what they are looking for, and can also provide a tailored experience. Furthermore, machine learning can also help you with scheduling price changes and promotions. This is because automation puts the decision-making into the computer’s hands that will save your time and improve your accuracy.

Single Page Websites

As people wish to see more simplistic design, in this year,  single-page websites still become one of the trends that any web developers should follow. In fact, some companies have used this single-page websites as their format.

This design will eliminate any clutter and provide a more simplistic design. However, this design may not be suitable if used on e-commerce sites that require multiple pages and capabilities to adopt a single-page format, besides, this design might not be practical in terms of SEO, and since keeping all of your content on one page does not help with optimization, and can hurt your website’s ranking on search engines.  Therefore, it will be good to contact a professional web developer to assist you in choosing a permanent content strategy that will be suitable for your company’s needs.

Motion User Interface

User interface has become one of the top concerns among developers. This is because you do not only think about how to make your site look good, but you also have to think about how to make users easily find the information they need. Usually, a motion user interface is used on mobile apps, but along with the needs of having more life and style to a project, you can find this motion user interface in many website designs.

Static Websites

This basic style of a website is still preferable. A static website is simply coded using HTML and displays the same fixed or static content to every user. However, why do people still love this old stuff? The answer is simple; its simplicity.

Aside from that, static website is also known as safe, load quickly and less expensive. Compared with single-page websites, this kind of website is more SEO friendly. For that reason, static website is such an evergreen product.

Online Support

In line with the popularity of E-commerce automation, the need for having chatbots has been increasing. This is because, in order to save companies time and increase efficiency, online support and e-commerce automation should go hand-in-hand. With chatbots, a company can provide a personalized experience that will enhance the quality of service through instant customer service 24 hours a day. In fact, many have predicted that 85% of all customer interactions will be done without human assistance by 2020. Therefore, it will be beneficial for your company to start it earlier, right?

Now that you know the 5 trends to take a look at in this year, make sure you follow the trends and don’t forget to consult to your digital agency if you find any difficulties while following and applying the trends into your website.