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Never ignore the importance of a website for your business in the current business environment, having a website is even more important than having a physical shop. Therefore, it is vital to know what you need in order to have a website that sells. As a first step, you have to make sure that your site is visible in search engines. In order to make it visible you have to optimize it. Some people prefer to use SEO services to help them manage their site, but how can you analyze the effectiveness of your SEO strategy? Here we will provide you with some ways that can help you analyze the effectiveness of your SEO by yourself.

Analyze Your Title Tag

One of the simplest ways that you can do to analyze your site is by looking for it on search engines. For example, you can type your company’s name on search engines, then analyze how it looks on the results page. You will see that your webpage’s title tag will show up in blue at the top of your listing. After that analyze it by asking yourself, “Does this title tag make sense? Does it clearly state your business name, the city you’re located in? or does it clearly state the type of business you operate?

A good title tag should clearly state your business name, the city you’re located in and the type of business you operate. For example, if you own a dance school named Ballerina Academy in Sydney, you can name your title tag with, Dance Academy: Ballerina School in Sydney. We have several tips that you can follow when writing a title tag, such as follows:

  • Keep it short and simple; a good length should be under 55 characters. If you have more characters, your title tag will get cut off in the search results.
  • Don’t use the name of the page as your title tag for it will be better to have your targeted keywords as your title tag., This is because using the name of page as your title tag will produce you nothing.
  • Remember to put the name of your city or town, so that local searchers can easily notice your business. This is more important with businesses that rely on local customers, such as restaurants, shops and local services.

Check for Broken Links

Don’t forget to look at the additional links that show up below your main listing. It will show you which pages are being exposed to searchers looking for your business. For example, you can analyze these links and ask yourself:

  • Are all of these pages active? It is important for you to have a check on those pages as Google will give penalty to sites that have broken pages; this will surely harm your site’s rank. Therefore, if the link is broken, ask your website developer to setup a redirect, so searchers don’t arrive to your site on a broken page.
  • Do any of these pages need improvement? If Google is pulling in a page that you haven’t updated in a while, it’s worthwhile to hop into that page to make copy and image updates to help improve user experience.

Make Sure You Have Local Listings

After making sure that everything on your actual website looks good, you can scroll down on the search results page to see what suggestions are provided when someone searches for your business’ name. Ideally, the following websites for your business will be on the first page:

  • Facebook page
  • Yelp listing
  • Google My Business listing
  • Instagram account

Optimizing your sites by creating listings is important for your business. There are at least three reasons why having local listings are important to you:

  • When your websites don’t pop up for your business, it must be likely that your competitors are appearing on Google first page.
  • These kinds of websites can be used as a guide for prospective members who are researching your business. In fact, these websites can help you generate a decision through social media and websites’ review that can help you decide whether or not to give your business a try, especially if you see the name repeating a few times.
  • You will get more valuable links back to your website as linking is a key component of SEO, yet it is quite tough. However, it is imperative to get as many links from these types of sites as possible.

Display Good Description

Don’t forget to pay attention to the description lines also. Those little lines of words should provide a clear description about your business, so that readers can have a correct understanding about what you can offer to them.

SEO can be a bit of a mystery since Google keeps changing and tweaking the algorithm. However, its performance can be measured and the above ways are the simplest ways that you can use to analyze the effectiveness of your SEO strategy which is by putting yourself in the shoe of a customer. So, are you ready to test your SEO? Don’t forget to apply the techniques above and discover whether your SEO agents have done their best for you – the client!