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SEO and content marketing are just like two best friends that come from two different worlds, each of them relies on the other for success. In fact, they should go together hand in hand to achieve the main goal of growing traffic to your website. By having more visitors, you will have more opportunities to get real leads which later might end up being your loyal customers. This is surely what every business owner and SEO service provider aims for. So, whether you are new to SEO or want to learn more about the power of content marketing, the ideas below will provide you with good understanding on how content marketing can seriously affect your SEO.

The basic Definitions

For some of people, the terms content marketing and SEO might sound new, therefore let’s get through some of the basics first.

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable content that is consistent with your brand and disseminated through various channels (social media/blogs/forums).

SEO work however covers various methods that are purely built to target snippets of information and lead visitors directly to the website.

Where Is the Difference?

As we have established, the objective of both SEO and content marketing is to make your traffic grow. However, what should we do to distinguish the two? In general, SEO is narrow and somewhat technical, whilst content marketing is broad and more holistic in its approach.

It sounds like they are in contrast but in practice they should work together, overlap, cohere, and blend so that they can complement each other. Some people still think that content marketing might eliminate the need for SEO. This is simply not true as the only way to implement a successful content marketing strategy is to incorporate SEO as part of that process. Again, both of them are different but in both cases the results are limited when taken separately.

What Make Them Similar?

Here are situations where SEO and content marketing need to come together:

  • Both SEO and content marketing aim for getting more visitors, finding readers and obtaining more customers.
  • In order to success, SEO and Content marketing should follow search engine’s rules, especially Google.

How SEO and Content Marketing Work Together

The easiest way to understand how these two work together is by seeing how they fulfill each other’s demands.

SEO Requires Content

It is almost impossible to have a good working SEO program without adequate content. A good content marketing strategy will demand you to write plenty of words, articles, substance, keywords, and verbiage. In fact, content is king in SEO, this is why it needs it.

SEO Needs Keywords

Another thing that you must have as part of your SEO content are keywords. This is something that no one would argue with, therefore you have to carefully research them, utilize them, and track your ranking of them in the SERPs before strategically placing keywords on your content. Furthermore, over-optimizing your content with keywords will put your page at risk, such as being penalized by the famous Google Panda update. This is why you need to learn how to put SEO and content marketing work in sweet harmony.

SEO demands Linkbacks while Content Marketing Introduces Linkbacks

There are many ways that you can do to get links to your article, but still the best way to build links is by publishing killer content that is worth linking to – naturally. We call it the “best way” as you can ensure your continual SEO success through this method. You will often find a natural increase over the long lifespan of your content if people like what you write.

SEO=Onsite Technical Optimization. Content Marketing=Great UX

Apart from optimizing blog articles, SEO is also about optimizing the robots.txt, enhancing metadata, utilizing proper tags, and constructing a strategic sitemap. The technical SEO components should serve users and promote your content; this is why good SEO will strongly affect content. For example, you create a good sitemap so that people can easily find and access your content or you need an optimized robots.txt so search engines can crawl your site better which as a result readers can find the content you spent so much time to write.

SEO Requires Consistency

It is important to note that SEO requires time and effort. Therefore, the consistency in creating content marketing is necessarily needed. This is because content marketing is an active verb, with ongoing action, so you have to keep going to keep eyes and attention on your brand.


SEO is actually about content marketing and content marketing is all about SEO. In fact, your e-commerce page will need SEO and content marketing to invite visitors to come to your site.

Of course, creating fresh content consistently is not an easy task, especially If you have higher business priorities to focus on, so if you have a problem with producing articles, you can hire a writer to help you with this or you can contact a reputable SEO service agency to help you with your combined SEO/Content marketing efforts and to help bring the two into perfect harmony.