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As a web designer, most of us are aware that creating a website is a task that requires our constant focus and attention in order to draw potential customers’ attention on the website itself. For that reason, sometimes some websites are required to be constantly maintained and even some website owners may decide to launch a new one with a new design. Of course, it may take some time to finish it, and during this time, an effective ‘coming soon’ landing page is very essential to ‘distract’ those potential customers. Are you excited to create yours? Keep reading and let’s learn some more only in this article!

What is a ‘Coming Soon’ Page?

Before we proceed, let us explain to you about the meaning of a ‘coming soon’ page itself. A ‘coming soon’ page is a placeholder that announces whether your website is launching soon or is still under maintenance. This is done in order to keep your visitors interested in your website.

Creating a website, applying a new design for a new website, or doing some maintenance to a website may take some time and effort; therefore, it is possible for your visitors to get tired of waiting and even forget your website! Oh, we can’t let that happen, right? For that reason, a ‘coming soon’ landing page is needed. Generally, it serves as an explanation to your visitors as to why it exists, because if you don’t notify them, chances are, you’re going to lose some customers. A ‘coming soon’ landing page can evoke curiosity and anticipation from your visitors, as they can’t help but looking forward to your launch date, which can be beneficial for your company. Also, it can be some kind of motivation for you, because you are expected to finish it with satisfactory results.

In short, the ‘coming soon’ landing page has three major purposes; announce the upcoming launch of your website, explain the purpose of the website, and invite the visitors to return to your website once it is officially launched.

Make Your ‘Coming Soon’ Landing Page More Appealing and Visitor-Attracting

Yes, something that catches the eye is usually something unique. Make sure you put efforts in designing it, so that it will evoke some interests on your visitors, but keep your design minimal too. It should be noted that using basic and generic statements like “Sorry, our website is still under maintenance”, or “Our website is still in the making process”, or even just “Coming Soon” is not going to keep your visitors interested for a long time. Instead, you can personalize the message as uniquely as possible and that’s alright as long as it is still relevant to what your website is going to offer.


Display Your Mission Statement and Choose the Words Wisely

As mentioned in the previous part, a short message like “Coming Soon” doesn’t explain a thing about your website and this will confuse your visitors. A good mission statement includes:

  • A description of what the visitors can expect from your website
  • Explanation of the purpose of your website
  • What attracts the visitors
  • An inclusion of a launch date

So, instead of just a plain “Coming Soon” message, you can write something like “Something Awesome is Coming in 5 days 10 hours 3 minutes,” as this will stir some curiosity on your visitors and they will be excited to see what your website will show to them in that date. This will be exciting for your visitors. Yes, a countdown isn’t always for the New Year, but for your website too!

Aside from that, just telling the name of your website is not enough and that doesn’t give a clue about your website at all. This can result in visitors leaving your website without thinking of returning! You should provide your visitors with some explanation on what is your website about, but avoid writing long messages; just keep it simple but clear.

Make Use of Social Media

Social media has become very important for marketing websites and using it will help you promote your landing page. Even though you already have your website, you will still need social media to expose your website and attract as many visitors as possible. Make sure you are an active social media user; otherwise, you will only share meaningless content that is not helpful for your website.

Add Subscription Forms

It will be more effective if you add subscription forms to gain potential customers through a mailing list. This will increase the chances of getting revisits to your website. However, to make your subscription form effective, make sure you consider these things before applying it:

  • Explain what this is about

If you want to get your potential customers’ email listed, first, you have to make sure that they know what they’re signing up for. They have to know the benefits of subscribing and be ensured that their personal information are safe with you.

  • Give them the “Boost”

As mentioned in the point above, your potential customers have to know that they are going to get something useful after subscription. You can offer them something in return for their subscription; it can be something like a discount, a free trial, or even a giveaway. This will boost your visitors’ excitement and interest in your website.

  • Use your mailing list

When you are succeeded in generating the mailing list, this can be an important part for your business. However, it should be noted that frequently sending them updates is not a good move for the future. Just keep it at a normal pace, and you’ll be doing just fine.


That’s all the important things that you need to know about ‘coming soon’ landing pages. Remember, an effective ‘coming soon’ page should be able to generate excitement and anticipation from your potential customers. Keep them interested with good featured messages that will make them keep coming back to your website. Good luck!