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Have you ever wondered why your SEO service seems like producing nothing to your site’s rank? If yes, now you are in the right spot. In the points below, we will discuss why your SEO doesn’t show any satisfying progress even though you may have done research. If you are curious to figure out the answer, please read the following explanation.

Why Does SEO Take so Long?

If you wish to have the exact answer about how long SEO takes, you will be disappointed. However, it’s  no secret that this is what many people are curious the most. One thing for sure, giving a very specific question is difficult, since “result” means different things to different people. However, to an SEO agency, “result” means the increment in traffic and higher returns. This is surely also an overall goal for a company to grow and see more revenue. However, many people expect more, such as becoming #1 for the favorite keyword. These generic terms were often very high in traffic volume and could potentially turn a website into a traffic-generating powerhouse.

Everything was Better “Back Then”

Not a long time ago, SEO was better known as a matter of determining which keywords could deliver the most traffic, then optimizing your website for those terms, and then building as many links as you could get away with. This technique sounds simple, but over time, it isn’t relevant anymore. Those tactics that offer faster result seem too mechanical and too unnatural. In  other words, mechanical meant there was a greater level of accuracy when trying to predict a timeline for SEO to start being effective, but we can’t rely on that anymore too.

So, How Long?

Many SEO companies offer a lot of estimations, they might say that it takes four to eight months, while others take 6 to 12 months. However, how long should you wait? According to Google Webmasters, 4 to 12 months you will see the results; unfortunately, it is not something that clients want to hear or something agencies want to say.

Accounting for Variables

There are some variables that can determine whether your SEO efforts will produce some amazing results:

  • The keywords and topics relevant to you
  • The relevance of your content to those keywords
  • The age of your domain and website
  • The current website design
  • The amount of time the average user stays on the site
  • Your geographic location
  • Your competition
  • Your social activity
  • Your reactions to new trends
  • The perceived level of quality in the content
  • How quickly you implement recommended changes

Each variable from the points above could impact the length of time it will take to start seeing results from your SEO campaign. In general, you will have to do some researches and discovery with detailed website audits before moving into a lot of technical SEO work. In fact, you will need a couple of months up to three months before the new content really starts becoming a major part of your campaign.

Besides, there are other elements that cause bigger impacts on your results, and the speed of your results. This includes quality, competition, how quickly changes are implemented, and your budget.

Creating and Establishing Quality

A good quality result doesn’t come over a night; it takes time to implement and for Google to acknowledge that quality. Then, you need to promote your content properly. Usually, Google will assess your site by tracking the number of people who see it, and how many bounce back out. Aside from that, Google will also count the number of links over time, and from various sources. These will tell Google a lot of things about your content.

So, if you’ve found a company that get a surprisingly fast rate, you may want to wonder how much quality Google will assign to that content. You can also enhance your quality by quickly answer the questions your customers will likely to have about you and your products.

Making Changes Early and Often

Changes are also the important element if you want to have a good SEO result. The changes may vary from the most complex to the simple one. For example, you can conduct simple changes to Meta data, or an overhaul of the entire navigation which can be completed in a day. On the other hand, you can also conduct more complex actions which surely will require you more time to complete, yet it produces you with faster results. Google will demand a few days to a couple of weeks to fully register with the search engine to re-crawl and re-index any given page. Therefore, to make your SEO campaign run well, make sure you have followed your SEO plan.

Your Budget

We can’t deny that more budgets will have an impact on the speed of your SEO results. A higher budget will allow more people to work on your campaign and research your industry as well as create your content. Of course, the speed that we mean here is the speed of performing SEO-related tasks, not how fast your site can climb the ranks. This is because money can’t guarantee a faster trio up the organic rankings, all you can do is to complete tasks faster.


After a long discussion, now can you answer, why does SEO take so long? The answer is simply because SEO is an endless process. You can’t optimize a website, and then call it good. This is because once you do not stay active and competitive; your competitor will knock you down.  So, you have to keep optimizing your site as long as you want to keep improving your business online.