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5-ways-to-start-creating-authoritative-contentCreating stand out content among numbers of contents is not an easy task. In fact, you have to put your thinking cap on. There will be lots of content marketing that may discuss the same topic as you do. Furthermore, if you want to create an authoritative content it is not enough to create a great content once. But, you have to do it on an ongoing basis. If you are writing for blogs or SEO service, you better read the five ways below. These tips will guide you to create authoritative and engaging content, even if you’re just starting out.

  1. Case Studies/Showcase your Work

Case study is one of the most authoritative types of content. In fact, one of the best ways to showcase yourself as an expert is by applying a tactic and generating a real result with numbers to back it up. The basic formula for this type of article is:

  • Take action
  • Get a result
  • Share your results in an article

You may need to be more patient as some results will be seen over a year or much quicker.  Moreover, the most important thing to create authoritative content is to take action and share your results. This method will work even though you are applying techniques that other people have done before.

  1. Counter-Intuitive Ideas/ Controversy

Creating content that stands out means you have to go against popular beliefs. But, remember to always back up your position with logical arguments, evidence, and examples. For example, a lot of people think that long-form content always perform better than short content. But, we can offer some examples and logic which proves that short content works better in many cases.

  1. Entertain

Entertain your reader is also one of the ways to grab people’s attention. Unfortunately, less people prefer to use entertainment, especially to solve problem in digital marketing.

In fact, entertainment is an effective way to solve many problems as people naturally enjoy being entertained. People are drawn to fun and entertaining things – it’s just how our brains work. One of the good examples of blogs about copywriting is Neville Medhora blogs. You can see how facial expression affects people’s perceptions of you and how smiling increases people’s confident in you. Telling a story is another way to use entertainment to increase engagement significantly.

  1. Approach a Topic From a Different Angle

The greatest challenge in creating a fresh content marketing is that most topics mostly have been written about extensively. So, how can we create a fresh content when everything has been written? The solution is to approach it from a different angle.

  1. Use Video

Nowadays, you can apply video in your content to engage and connect with your audience better.  In fact, you can reach your audience in a more personal way than written content can. Besides, you can demonstrate your ideas visually. However, many people still find many obstacles in creating video content. They think that it requires a lot of work or technical skills to do that. But, web cameras and microphones are not that expensive. Furthermore, there is a lot of interesting editing software which is easy to use.