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Applying design thinking will solve the real problems of your customers rather than focusing on business goals exclusively. Besides, design thinking helps you see problems in a different way and allows us to be agile and lean. This means a design thinking approach involve users in the process. This will make users feel part of the process.

So, how to be a design thinker? You don’t have to be a ‘designer’ in order to have design thinking. In fact, design thinking can be practiced by any employees who want to resolve a problem. All you need is to apply design thinking in your web design through several ways, such as:

Talk to Your Users
Asking questions is not enough; you need to observe your users too. This means you cannot merely rely on the data, but you have to back it up with the real world observations. Therefore, you have to listen 100%, but be careful with what you ask them and the way you ask it.

Work on It
You will never get things done, if you keep waiting until all things are set perfectly. Hence, you can try plenty of tools out there to help you build things quicker. This will allow you to test out ideas to see what is working, before spending lots of money on a ‘perfect’ product that works great, but nobody needs.

Numbers or data may help you, but without regular feedback, you can easily lose sight of the overall goal. Therefore, you need to seek feedback on your designs, from users, and from analytics regularly. The feedback can make balanced, well-thought out decisions.

Step Back and Reframe
If the result doesn’t satisfy you, you can try to reframe the problem. This time, make sure you get everyone involved in the solution; users, developer and anyone who might have a different perspective. This way, it will bring you a valuable feedback.

Yes, anyone can apply design thinking wherever and whenever they want. The most important thing is you know how to talk with others to discuss with you. That way,