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A great design is built from lots of things. But among those things, there are 4 that are considered as the important ones. If you want to create a stunning web design, you have to know these 4 factors. As by applying the following principles, you can produce the most successful and useful web design. Here they are:


Every website wants to be useful for its users and visitors. This is why nobody wants to experience click bait as it is useless. In fact, your site will be valued from how useful it is instead of just looking good. Therefore, your site should meet user needs by providing relevant information to the user.

For example, you can create big heading as it is the first scenery that you will see on their homepage. Then, more details descriptions are presented further down the page.

Additionally, you can create a call to action to schedule a call which is redundant and repetitive. This is good as it will lessen any contradictory call to actions on your website. For example, urging visitors to sign up for a newsletter, to sign up for a free trial or so on. This way your site will provide a very clear purpose. It describes in a very detail way on how their product works and specific use cases as part of their relevant information.

Landing page is also one of the important elements for a useful website. For example, provide your landing page with useful information such as where the envy is taking place and when. Last but not least is to make sure that the copy is very concise and to the point. So, none of the information seems out of place or irrelevant.


Communication is a crucial thing on a website. You can see that from the copy on the buttons to the way a user interacts with the checkout flow. For instance, your website should have clear instructions about how to fill out a form and clear feedback to the user.

You can start with writing a clear and short description of the product. If your visitors like it, they will keep scrolling to the next section. In this stage, you should talk about the product in detail and even more detail in the next one.

This way, visitors will determine whether your products suit them or not. Therefore, you can reach your potential buyer as no one will bother to scroll all the way down.


To make your design looks simple; you have to take away all the unnecessary jargon, content or information. In the other words, you have to keep only the necessary and relevant content. Moreover, to emphasize the simplicity, you can use white space to make different page element readable, legible and digestible.

Remember that each section should never distract your visitors. Use more whitespace, clutter free, self-evident, and containing only the necessary information.


Consistency in website design refers to two different things. First is the consistency among the web pages and overall online presence. Second consistency comes with following conversions such as having the logo take you to the home page. Also, the login and sign up links located on the right side of the top. Then, you can locate navigation or social media links in the footer.