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In SEO service, growing traffic is one of the main jobs that an SEO agent should do. Therefore, in the following passage we will show you a case study that aims for organization’s success. Actually, with only doing the right thing with the right people and the right research, you can achieve a worth it return. Therefore, if you are a SEO agent who wishes to leverage your traffic in a short time, this article is definitely for you.

The Results
Getting more website traffic is every digital marketer wishes. In fact, seeing websites obtain more traffic never cease to amaze me. Here are the metrics (year over year for the month of January 2017 as compared to 2016):

1. Leads/Inquires increase: 40%

google traffic


2. Organic traffic increase: 99% (126% in Google)

google traffic


3. Organic traffic and impressions continue to increase month over month

Natural Language and Keyword Research

Based on experience, I notice that the more user-friendly a website is to internal clients, the more annoying it is to external visitors. Therefore, it is imperative to have the whole organization commit to creating a website that can be understood by any people. This is where keyword research is a key.

In fact, you will see lots of bounce rates, if you don’t write content, build menu and site architecture in a an easy to understand way.

Content Marketing and Merging Microsites
Sometimes the biggest problem is the hesitancy that exists among our internal units when they have to kill their micro-sites. Therefore, the best way is to kick off our content marketing strategy and unified our content production. Only by this way, you can be more efficient in maintaining brand voice and message across our entire organization.

Redirect Strategy
Some people are afraid with 301 redirects, but I’ll tell you that at some point 301 redirects are good for maintaining your link profile. Besides, this thing provides you an amazing opportunity to kill irrelevant content. Especially, for content that has all of the following criteria:

  • No external links
  • Older than three years
  • Less than 100 page views in the last three months.

This strategy is terribly helpful, especially if you have plenty of pages. In the long run, it even helps you automate the process, save thousands of dollars and a ton of headaches.

User-Centric Design
A good design should be able to drive visitors to action. In fact, looking good does not always mean that it is a well-designed website. Therefore, it will take professionals who know what they are doing.

In Conclusion
For some people those tips may sound too theoretical, but some professional actually see websites as a digital brochure. Even when those leaders understand the value of a good website, many of those same leaders have no problem skimping on design and web strategy.

After all, this shows you how a well-designed website can be an important investment. So, don’t afraid to spend your money in a right place.