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As we are in the end of 2016, many people in marketing industry are wondering, what kind of search marketing campaign that will be occurred in 2017. There are plenty of new features, new beta test, or a new update every few weeks. This is because SEOs strategy continuously changes to provide better and more relevant results for its users. Therefore, it is good to continue studying about SEOs new features and trends. So, you can keep your strategies up to date with the future of search marketing. Also, you can figure out the best way to manage your campaign. If you are working in SEO services, this prediction will be suitable for you. Here are several trends that are expected will appear on 2017:

Accelerated Mobile Pages will Develop Further & Become Critical to Search

Accelerated Mobile pages have become the main thing for users and Google alike in the midst of mobile search growth. With speed as a top need for brands and customers, AMP loads quickly to provide the best user experience. In fact, with AMP pages, you can have loading page 30 times faster than non-AMP pages. However, not all content types are suited for AMP, since it is only useful for news articles, blog posts, product listings, recipes, and other guides that are easily consumable.

The Innovations of AI Learning & Google RankBrain

With AI learning and Google RankBrain, search is becoming smarter. In fact, we’ve seen relevance as a key factor to great rankings in RankBrain. The higher your engagement rate and more relevant the page is, the better you’ll perform.

Through their machine learning and AI technology, Google understands the way we’re increasingly interacting with computers

Advancement of Voice Search for Search Marketing

Day by day, people prefer to be hands-free since speaking is easier than typing. Due to this, Google is focusing on voice search and natural language processing. Digital Assistants in Google voice search will ensure several things, such as follows:

  • Look for natural language queries within analytics.
  • Set up your pages to answer specific, in-depth questions.
  • Use a conversational tone in your published content.
  • Determine how people will phrase queries through voice search.

Be More Mobile

New mobile technology has led to widespread consumption of video. Many online marketing strategists try their best to discover the best ways to include video in their content and search marketing strategies. Hence, Youtube is in their primary focus. The main reason is because video and video ads offer more opportunities and more chances to reach your target consumers.

A Closer Look at Progressive Web Apps

Again, with the massive growth of mobile user, you’ll need progressive web apps as one of your marketing strategies. You’ll see an app-like experience within your mobile browser with Progressive Web Apps. In fact, you can deliver an amazing user experience by complementing your SEO efforts and your website with PWAs. Moreover, you can also reach users with limited internet access. This is because PWAs offer low data usage and an easier navigation with its highly responsive layout.