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One of the most used techniques for evaluating your site’s performance is by using the conversion rate. If you are a web developer who are interested in knowing about what is website’s conversion rate is, it’s you’re lucky day! In this article we will discuss on how you measure this rate, what exactly is being converted, how to increase the site’s conversion rate to see more growth.

What is Your Site’s Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate will show you the number that you’ll get if you take the number of primary actions. These actions are performed in a specific timeframe and divide them by the number of total site visitors you had during that same timeframe.



How to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate

After knowing what the conversion rate is, now maybe the right time for you to improve your website’s conversion rate. In other words, we will reveal several tips on how to make your visitors take primary action that your website is promoting. Below are several points that you should remember.

  • Prioritize UX

UX (user experience) is the important thing in every product development. In fact UX has become the main reference for people who want to develop their product. This is because prioritizing UX means paying close attention to questions, such as are your site texts clearly readable? Can you reduce the number of clicks required to take certain actions? And etc. Only by providing a smooth UX, you can gain strong relationship with site visitors, guaranteeing a positive impression.

  • Tweak Your CTAs

Call to Actions (CTAs) can be said as the most powerful part in determining the conversion rate. However, since they call on your site visitors to take the primary action. You can easily notice the CTSAs through the form of buttons or links, such as, “Read More”,“Buy Now!”,“Get Your copy”, “Join Us Live”, and so forth.

Having powerful CTAs will lead to more actions. This is why there are many considerations related to this matter.

  • Turn Visitors into Endorsers

The only way to turn visitors into endorsers is by getting the satisfaction of current customers, subscribers or followers. Moreover, you need to try to get honest recommendations from real people who have interacted with your site are certainly effective in marketing. Displaying endorsements that you get will be such a great idea for your business.

  • Engage Your Visitors

Looking at the same angle with your site visitors will help you engage with your visitors better. Engagement creates a closer link between you and your site visitors. This in turn will increase the chances of them completing the primary action that defines your conversion rate.

  • Optimize your Mobile Site

All of your hard work will be nothing if you never try to penetrate on mobile users. With the largest amount of users, you need to make sure that your website is optimized for viewing from mobile devices. Remember that ignoring mobile users means that you will loss such a significant chunk of your target market.