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One said that the brands with the most engaging personalities are the ones that develop the most loyal followings. No wonder, being engaged with customers becomes the main focus for some marketers, especially for digital marketer or SEO service who needs to provide good content in order to build a right brand’s content personality to their companies. If you haven’t figured out what your brand content personality is you can reveal it through examining several points below. But, before jumping to identify it, let’s figure out some types of brand content personalities.

The Different Types of Brand Content Personalities

The best way to figure out your content personality is by looking at your competitor brand personalities. Through your opposite you can learn their strength and weakness; therefore you can create your own uniqueness which differs from your competitor. But, commonly a company personality is grouped into five main brand personalities, as:

  1. Sincerity: Thoughtful, genuine, cheerful, oriented on family
  2. Excitement: Imaginative, daring, spirited, youthful
  3. Competence: Responsible, efficient, dependable, successful, influential
  4. Sophistication: Charming, elegant, prestigious, pretentious
  5. Ruggedness: Strong, outdoorsy, tough, athletic

Of course, there are many other brand consultants that have other personalities to represent your company, but the above personalities are the basic one. That being said, knowing the groups above can be a great start in identifying where your brand personality currently is and where you’d like it to be.

Now that you already know, several basic brands, so how you define that you are one of them? Here are several ways to identify them:

 1. Your Current Audience

To recognize your content personality you need to figure out through real consumers which currently consume it.

  • Social Media: Discover what posts are the most popular one. The best indicator for this is the amount of likes and reshares that people are latching onto.
  • Blogging: Studying the most reads, shares, and comments articles by the voice and presentation of pieces of content that are currently doing well can be one of the best ways to help you determine your overall content personality and how you can refine it. If people are sharing it, then it’s resonating with them.
  • Client testimonials: collect the feedback from clients and figure out the most feedback that you can get. Don’t worry about the negative feedback as even it can be quantified into specific personal traits.

 2. Word Association

Write down your company name and ponder about it. What words come to your mind? Conservative or progressive? Thrifty or affluent? Playful or serious? Underdog or leader? Professional or casual? Fluid or stable? Old or young? Outspoken or shy? Do the answers match your vision of the company and the personality you’d like to see?

 3. Create a Chart

Another method that will be best to figure out what your brand personality is by creating a chart and showing (with dots or lines) where on the spectrum you fall between two personality dimensions. In fact, it is a more visual way of determining your current content personality.

4. Take a Quiz

Nowadays, there are many online “brand Personality” quizzes which can help you to obtain where your personality strengths is. This kind of quiz is really useful to explain where you are as a brand.