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Email newsletter is quite popular this day, as you can see plenty of it in your inbox once you open your email; in fact, it is one the best ways to promote your business and broadcast an event. But, not many email newsletters can successfully grab subscriber’s attention since email design and structure is an art, therefore, how you create the design will determine whether you have successfully obtained your subscribers attention or not. When you do it right, they will love and keep receiving your newsletters, while if you do it wrong, your newsletter will be placed in trash box as a spam and your future messages will have never shown again.

Due to this, as a graphic or web designers know how to design your email newsletter becomes important. Below are several examples that you can learn from the ones that can make it very well.

1. Jetsetter

Many people will feel a little burdensome when they have to sign up to your email or service since many email newsletters do spamming to subscriber’s email with all kind of junk.

The Jetsetter welcome newsletter design has a lot of new users slowly exhaling and relaxing when it first comes in. Clean, clear design presents a comprehensive overview of their service, benefits and options available to you as their user. This is an email designed to be kept and referenced. It is almost a user account screen or service dashboard designed for your inbox.

2. Smithsonian

Many things can be done through email newsletter, one of them as a media to offer many advantages to purchase a product or book an event. The Smithsonian’s efforts work the same in email advertising, in fact, the way it is trying to publish a design talk event are no different, with a striking header image and very clear venue and date details alongside a simply design but vibrant ‘Register Now’ call to action button.

3. Fiasco Design

Another design which is known as Fiasco Design’s template relies heavily on imagery from a design project completed for one of their clients on its newsletter design. As you are drawn through the identity and its various applications, the overall effect is a great appreciation for their work. The progress bar centered alongside each heading is a particularly nice touch to indicate the reader’s progress through the newsletter.

4. Percept

If you happen to see many newsletter designs, from the one full of image to almost no image one, you will discover that Percept is one of a very well piece as their newsletter has been shared extensively and features in email design collections all over the web for the last few years. Besides, it is balance enough to keep the text portion of the email as HTML, so even though images are turned off it still can be read.

5. Storied

If you are looking a classic one, Storied is the solution as it will provide you with a simple but very classy-looking in black and white. Besides, it is an inbuilt response that you can take advantage of in your designs and you have a winning email newsletter, add to the power of stories.