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Related with SEO, it seems like there are many questions that keep being asked by many people in 2015. Therefore, in this article we are going to give the right answers for most common requests. If you are interested in knowing the right answers for most frequently questions about SEO service, you can read the article below. Hopefully, it also answers your questions about SEO.

1. Should I build “Anchor Text” Links?

This is one of the most frequent questions that have been asked. So, the research study has been conducted to find out the answer. The sample size of 16,000 random keywords has been collected and each of the top 20 Google positions for each of them is taken.

After that the research examines the backlink data of each page, to see if the exact match keyword was present in the anchor text of incoming links.

Clearly exact match anchor text links do correlate with high rankings. However, the study still continues.

From the original 16,000 keywords, we ran a filter to pick out only those keywords where the top 5 results’ UR (Ahrefs’s URL Rank) had standard deviation less than 30% of their average value. In other words, we wanted to exclude the influence of a powerful backlink profile and only focus on the effect of anchor text links.

Even though, exact match anchors are less so than partial match anchors but it is still positively correlate with rankings.

Therefore, the answer to this question is anchor text rich links will be definitely good as long as we do it in a white hat way.

2. Should I Take Care the Bad Links?

Yes, certainly! You should monitor your backlinks to keep an eye if there is any bad links happen, mainly if you have outsourced your link building to a company or a freelancer.

Mostly, a site will get penalized is because of it has lots of poor link building which is usually selected by an SEO agency.

But this doesn’t mean that you should once file a disavow request when you see some bad links appear, unless you really got a sternly message from Google telling you that you need to remove them. Here are two techniques to do that:

  • Reach out to the linking site: Send an email asking for the link to be removed to the site owner. For saving time, save the email as a template so it might be handy for future usage.
  • 404 the page: if you can’t reach the site owner to remove the link, then you need to 404 the page where the bad links are leading to. If you do choose this option, then make sure to check if there were any quality sites which were also linking to the page and if so, ask them to update their links and point it a replacement URL.

 3. Is SEO Agencies Necessary?

There are two questions which website owners usually ask related to this question:

  • They are afraid that they cannot figure it by themselves.
  • They’re afraid of scammers, who will charge a lot of money but produce with no result.

There are two solutions that you can do relating to these questions. First of all, find out the information about SEO as deep as you can since SEO is nothing but logic. In fact, by using a popular CMS such as WordPress to operate your website, you’ll find that search engine optimization is not difficult to understand.

Secondly, to avoid being scammed, you can hire someone you know or someone that you can trust. However, the best way to avoid SEO scammers is to understand the basic of SEO knowledge, such as what a PBN is and that “full SEO audit of your site”. This will make the chances of SEO agencies scam is almost zero.