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It is a truth well known to all the world that user experience is the first determinant to any successful website experience. Therefore, knowing what makes your audience satisfied and engaged with your website becomes your first task.

There are several factors that make your audience please with your website such as platform, interesting content, speed of loading, and good navigation, but beyond of these you also need to consider creating a stunning web design as this will be your first weapon to attract your audience’s attention to stay on your site. If you are bored with the same common design, you can try other design effects that can please your audience eyes and enhance your website ambience, such as follows:

  • Parallax Effect

One of the most favorite effects among web designers is parallax effect. The parallax effect is an effect when you have a slower background speed compared to your foreground background speed which result in creating more of a 3D look. If you are interested in creating parallax effect, make sure that you need to subtle and strategic as it somehow can backfire and end up your design, creating a jumbled mess.

  • Semicircular Navigation Menu

Sometimes, just a little change can mean a lot for your websites, for example you can create a stylish circular or semicircular navigation option which helps showcase a number of menu options. For most of the time, this button is usually found in social media, but this doesn’t mean you cannot apply it on your website, as in fact, you’ll be surprise by its versatility. Besides, you will also indulgence by its obvious music console and social media sharing icons, primary menu and profile icons, and etc.

  • Mega Menu

If you have a lot of menu to be displayed on your websites, you may need to try having a Mega Menu on your web. This design can arrange a lot of categories to be put on the landing page but without creating a crowded menu bar. So, this type of design will be best used for any industry which has a lot of classifications such as education industry that showcases all the major courses, admission information, student’s result, and a lot more.

Moreover, Mega Menu can help de-clutter, create a sharper sleeker menu bar option and not confuse readers into clicking on the wrong option because of longer, stuffier menu options.

  • Lightbox

If you have a great need to exhibit a lot of images on your website, you should try lightbox as your web design choice. It will display your images on a grid gallery, so you can show many stunning shot of the sunset atop a hill to that intense street portrait and let the image tell the story for your audience.

  • Coverflow Effect

You probably have seen this effect on your Mac or apple device when you browsed through pictures. The Coverflow effect shows a number of items – like book covers – where you can swipe the menu left or right to get some pop up details and select them.