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A well developed and structured website can bring in a lot of additional revenue to a business. It is no wonder that building an online web presence has become a very important part of running even an offline business., which runs a Melbourne SEO Service, has outlined some tips on scoring more customers for your online venture, and we thought we can list and share those ideas with you in this article.  Have a read through and have a think how they could apply to your business.

1. Choose a Clean Web Design

Creating potential customers and having a high conversion rate is the goal of everyone’s business. That is why a good design is important, especially in modern web design, where customers are more clever than in the past, and they judge your business on their experience. The secret of a good design is creating an amazing website without neglecting the function that may be blocked by crowded design, or in other words, avoid unnecessary items that will make it difficult for your audience to get what they are looking for. For example, placing a front page or long paragraph on your contact page or making it generally hard to find the information that they expect to find there. Furthermore, it is better to avoid placing important and detailed information on banners, often because users can easily skip past such elements, and google itself will not process an image for text.

However, if you cannot avoid applying banners to highlight your content, include keywords in the picture’s title, alternative title and caption. If Google can’t index information, it might as well not exist.

2. More Mobile

In the past year, flat logos have become a normal in design. This minimalist design is also suitable for mobile device as a crowded design will look even more busy on a small screen, opposite from a desktop/laptop screen where you have the luxury of space. Furthermore, ensure that your visitors won’t need to frequently pinch their screens to access information from your mobile website, as if they need to do it frequently, you will surely lose them fast.

In fact, in this smartphone era, a website is demanded for being responsive, automatically recognizing screen resolutions and resize content to fit smaller screens. To make a web that is mobile friendly is quite costly, so if you have a tight budget, you need to find a graphic designer can fit your budget or even do some of the work yourself.

 3. Work on search-engine optimization

Search result page positioning, from broadest industries to the tiniest niches, is determined mostly by how people look for online content and how they react to it. In this sense, using the right keywords is necessary as people will write for a certain keywords when they search for a thing in search engine. For applying keywords, you cannot rely on yourself as you can use Google Ad word services to analyze what keywords your audience is using to describe and look for your business. The service provides you with traffic estimates to help you make projections based on how well they will do over a certain period of time. Furthermore, you can also register your business with Google Places that works well for SEO, since it will appear as a pin on the map along with all your information, including your website.

 4. Being Up to Date with the Current Needs of customers

Make sure that your website provides fresh promotions, specials and product inventory. In the end, placing your contact number on the front page as well as dedicated page. Your website should be reactive to latest trends and information, because what works one month, will soon become tired, and customers will notice. If you are promoting products, highlighting NEW products and promotions keeps your website alive, and often, you will benefit most from your more regular customers that notice this.