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By now, almost every developer and online business owner would be well aware of Google and using it to provide them with information of the amount and the characteristics of their visitors.

We here at, provide both web development and SEO Services for Melbourne customers, and we advocate the use of Google analytics to give our customers comparisons between their goals and the data available to them. This information is necessary since knowing your customer information will measure what they want or need for a product or service. However, when you decide to use this web analytics service, you may consider the dos and don’ts of getting the most out of Google analytics. This article will cover of some of our techniques that we have found to work well.

1)      Creating More Than One View

A view inside Google Analytics lets you create a special filtered view of the information that is being collected by the analytics engine.  The purpose might be for a simple example might bethat you have one page that may exist as two slightly different URLs, and rather than having Google count them separately, you really want the aggregate. Views allow you to do that.
However, views are not retroactive filters. Meaning, they collect data based on your filters only once you set them up. Therefore, and the most important part of this step is to make sure you always retain a clean unfiltered view of your analytics. Keep that as your master and never alter it directly.  This will reduce the risk of data loss, because there are many situations where the client had one view only and saw discrepancy in the data due to improper configuration of filters. This is why creating more than one Google analytics view is good.

Someone may build different views for different sub domains in Google Analytics and share limited access to the stakeholders, if only they are a big enterprise who uses single Google Analytics Property for different sub-domains.

2)      Report of Demographic and Interest

Many people ignore the use of demographics and interest report which in fact can provide you with valuable information about your users, age, gender, and interest. This information can be very helpful in understanding your website’s audience. Moreover, the insights of the report can facilitate you to target your marketing campaign for bigger development.

3.) Event Tracking

User actions can be tracked by default function on Google Analytics; however there are events which Google Analytics does not track out of the box. This feature will permit you to track actions whether a URL change is recorded or not. For instance, clicking on links, email addresses, social media icons, or file downloads.

With event tracking you can understand how users engaging with your content. As event tracking, will show you:

-how many people who downloaded a file

-how many people who clicked the play/pause button

-Any other specific click base user action

Event tracking does however require some more technical skills from a developer point, so please discuss the ideas with your SEO or web developers, and see how they may be able to enhance the view you get from your website that may then change how you think about each page.

4.) Utilizing the Benchmarking Report

Do not forget to use benchmarking report, since it is a significant report. This report will tell you about how your metrics are measured by others in the industry. Furthermore, it shows you the comparison about how each of your channels is operating compared to the industry standard.

5.) Integrating Google Webmaster Account

For time efficiency, integrating your Google Webmaster Account via Google Analytics helps you to combine the search queries into the same Analytics report. Moreover, search queries are great sources for keyword ideas to maximize your site. Search Queries page will display the queries of Google Web Search that have returned URLs from your site.You can also see information about the pages on your site that were seen most often in Google search results (top pages). Furthermore, to identify new keywords opportunities someone can use webmaster search queries.

In conclusion, we strongly recommend that you think closely about the above ideas for Google Analytics.  Although it is simple to setup and run, it can often lead to preventing above points will help you maximize the use of Google Analytics for the growth of your business.