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Developing a website until it can have a lot of visitors is every web site developer’s dream. Web developers are always looking at new ways to engage more people to visit their website. As it is stated by a Melbourne SEO services firm, a web developer needs a large set of tools to analyze and develop online marketing strategy to get more people visit their web sites. In fact, there are two ways to get more people coming to your web site. First by improving the ranking in the search engines.

Second is by developing and improving the click-through rate (CTR) of your listings. Most SEO companies focus only on improving the rank while neglecting on developing the CTR.  Having a good CTR can bestow huge paybacks with little endeavor if someone knows how to put in the right strategies.

So how to improve the CTR?  By having compelling text in the material that appears when people search on Google. Google will display both the title of your page, as wel as your desired meta description.  It is this important block of text that is often overlooked, and is often a copy of the first paragraph on the page.

Below are some effective strategies that you should consider.

1.  Copy Paid Ads

Even though most SEO do not like paid ads, there is still a lot to learn from PPC (Pay Per Click) space and mostly many people may not know that people who run paid adds are constantly testing to make sure their ads are optimized. Moreover, the words being used on those ads are very optimized with language, to try to catch the few combinations of keywords that the customer may use.

 2.  Copy Your Organic Competitors

Find out what kind of buzz words in meta descriptions that your competitors are emphasizing and using since you can copy and corporate it with yours. You can also consider what benefits or features which they are emphasizing.

 3.  Raise Up People’s Curiosity

Humans are curious creatures and their curiosity can be best used as our tools to drive additional clicks. For example, you can try using certain words, such as lines we often see in facebook, “guess what happens next.  These kind of lines may not always work inside the Meta description, but you can always have a ton of other ways to make people curious and wondering.

4.  Tell the Benefits, through the Features

One of the most well-known online marketing strategies, Perry Marshall, said to start your ads with benefits, followed by features. It works with Adwords, then it also can be used as content for your Meta descriptions. In fact, benefits help you to depict what your customers can gain, while features are distinct attributes of your business.

5.  Use Numbers

It is generally better to use numbers in titles to generate more clicks. Numbers work better because it is more specific and easier for the reader to comprehend. This applies not only to Meta descriptions, but it produces clicks whether you’re using Adwords, Facebook, Youtube, and etc.

For example:

“3 Tips to Create a Better Website”, is better than “Three tips to Create a Better Website”

6.  Mention Your USP

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the thing that differentiates you among so many competitors. You can state that you offer free shipping, or your CEO is a nobel prize winner in meta description to make your product stands above others.

 7.  Place the Keywords

For example, if the keywords that you want to use are “make-up artist USA” then, make sure to use those keywords in your meta description as this these keywords get highlighted on your search result on Google when it finds something which is relevant with what searchers want. This is of course, more likely to lead to a click.

 8. Mix & Match

Combine all the above tips or you can use them all at once. Remember that not all tips may be suitable, so track your CTR in your analytics to see what works and what doesn’t works for your business.